Transform Your Precious Home with Tile Flooring

tile flooring sampleSeriously decorating your home makes a significant change in boosting the monetary value of your priced possession. Tile flooring is an extensively used option for renovating homes or offices.  If installed accurately, tile is extremely durable and has longevity. Due to the enormous increase in demand for tile flooring, manufacturers are producing latest edge tiles to suit the requirements of the customer and appeal their tastes.

Tile flooring is fascinating people and making them install it in their ancestral home, or office flooring as they are in vogue, and are available in various colors, patterns and designs. Tiles are ideally differentiated into three varieties porcelain, ceramic and natural stone.

Porcelain Tiles: These tiles are produced by refining clay and burning it at high temperatures. It is an ideal flooring option for high foot traffic areas as it has a rough surface. These tiles are perfect for areas like porches, swimming pools, wash rooms and can also be used as restaurant flooring as they can obstruct damage caused by water or frost and are easy to clean.

Ceramic: These tiles are produced by molding or frying red or white clay in a kiln. Glaze is used in these tiles to give it a unique color and durability. The durability of the tile totally depends on the quality of the glaze used. Glaze is a combination of ground glass and metal oxides.

Natural Stone: Stone can ideally be differentiated into Granite, Travertine, Marble, Slate and Limestone. These tiles are available with either a polished or honed surface. They enhance the appearance of your home or office where it is installed.

Reasons to Install Tile Flooring

  • Tiles are extremely durable and are enduring among all the flooring materials. They can be used for both wall and floor covering.  
  • Tiles are designed to withstand fire accidents, and do not give out smoke or toxic fumes as they don’t burn.
  • Tiles absorb less moisture and can withstand wetness there by making it an ideal option for use in areas like porches, swimming pools, and wash rooms.
  • The durability of the tile makes it the most favored flooring material among different commercial flooring options and also for residential purposes.
  • Tile cleaning process is very simple as easy as it includes just sweeping with a soft bristle broom and mopping regularly. Chemical cleaning agents can also be used to clean the tile for a brilliant shine and radiance.
  • Tile is an exceptional flooring material as it prevents bacteria from multiplying in your home there by providing a safe and healthy environment. 

Express Flooring has trained staff to guide you in selecting the right tile flooring that will add an innate visual appeal to your home to make it magnificent.

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