Travertine Tile – Beautifying Home With Natural Tile

Travertine tile flooring option is one of an option that favors ‘go green’ trend. Travertine tiles are eco-friendly in nature as it does not require going through the manufacturing process. It forms in a natural way in large blocks. Hence it becomes the first choice for nature lovers.

Benefits Of Travertine Tile:

The main material for its formation is calcium carbonate. Flooring is a very crucial thing for a house as well as a long time investment. This is the reason people decide with utmost care which tile flooring is best for their home.

Demand for travertine tile flooring is increasing as they are available in multiple colors like ivory, beige, golden etc. And these natural tiles come in the different type of finishes too such as brushed or tumbled, or polished, or matte. Polished travertine tile flooring is considered best as it reflects sunlight and gives a very shiny look and a refreshing atmosphere to the home.

Travertine-Tile-Beautifying-Home-With-Natural-TileAnother reason behind the growing demand for Travertine tile installations are, it is easily available at a reasonable price and is a customized tile flooring option.

Travertine tile flooring gives you a similar look like marble and granite tile flooring at a cheaper price. It is also used as countertops and backsplashes.

Travertine flooring is very durable, as it does not get easily damaged. But after years of usage or accidents if they do get damaged, then you can easily replace the damaged tile with the new one without having to replace the complete flooring.

This tile flooring is not only better than marble but even better than porcelain tiles. As these Travertine tiles are easily cut and shaped, they can fill any uneven or small spaces.

Travertine floorings are very resistant to water and moisture, so it is very durable. But one thing that strictly must be kept in mind is, never use acidic substances like vinegar to clean travertine tiles surface. These natural tiles are very reactive to acidic substances and salt.

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