Types of Stone Flooring to Adorn Your Home

Stone is a very convenient flooring option for homes or office in the southwest region specially Tucson and Phoenix as it gives a cool and comfortable feeling under the foot. It is very convenient to clean and maintain and is exceptionally resistant to chips and cracks. Stone is an amazing commercial flooring option as it is formed naturally and does not have any artificial elements in its composition. It gives an artistic beauty to your property as it is formed from natural products available from the depths of the earth. This flooring material is available in a wide variety of patterns, designs and colors that offer practicality and flexibility to install in any area of your home or office flooring.

  • travertine flooringTravertine – Travertine is a variety of limestone, that is extremely durable and its surface consists of many small holes that make it a very porous material. Travertine tile is an extremely elegant and beautiful flooring material that boosts the visual appeal of your property. The holes on the surface of the tile can be filled using the refining process. It is ideal for use indoor and outdoor especially in areas like porches and balconies.
    • flagstone flooringFlagstone – Flagstone is a type of stone that is ideal for use in areas like porches and balconies because of its hard texture, durability and resilience. In areas that have extreme summers it is best to use this flooring material as it can withstand the heat and dust. This stone dates backs to the medieval times when it was used to construct castles as it gives an elegant outward appearance.


    • granite floorGranite – Granite is the most expensive variety of stone flooring that provides a cool and comfortable feeling under the foot. It is composed of natural elements making it extremely durable and dense. This material can withstand scratches and is very easy to clean and maintain as dust is easily visible on its surface.


    • slate floorsSlate – Slate flooring is an alluring art under the foot as it is available in awe-inspiring colors, patterns and designs. It gives your home or office flooring a natural appearance that is rustic thereby providing a very durable flooring material. It is very easy to clean and maintain and can be used in any area of your home or office.


  • sandstone floorsSandstone – Sandstone is composed of natural sand grains and has a textured surface that gives an elegant and beautiful appearance to the area it is installed in.

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