Understanding The Increasingly Popular Travertine Tile

In todays’ times, natural stone flooring is increasingly popular flooring options due to their durability and beauty. When researching about the natural floor coverings, travertine tile flooring is one of the ideal choice. It is available in various finishes that will suit each and every specifications of your house. Travertine tile flooring is not only suitable for indoor areas but also suitable for outdoors such as driveways, walkways or pool decks. Travertine tiles are also available in different patterns, styles and textures at phoenix tile stores that will suit to every requirement of your house.

Travertine tile flooring is available in the following finishes:

• Polished

Polished travertine tiles are the most common form of travertine flooring. It simply implies glossy and bright finished look to the tiles. They are very smooth, reflective and tend to look more sleek and elegant. Polished travertine tile installation involves polishing and greasing, thus making it more stain resistant as well.

• Honed

This is also the most common style of travertine that suits to any room in your house. It is also grounded and smoothened but not like polished one. The surface of this travertine tile flooring is smooth with a cool finish. Even, travertine tile installation for this look also doesn’t involve much sealing and polishing.travertine-tile-flooring

• Tumbled

This type of travertine tile flooring is tumbled with rocks and gravel. Travertine tile installation team emphasize on the look of age, wear and weathering. This can be a great option for outdoors as this type of finish makes it slip resistant.

• Brushed

Brushed travertine tiles have a textured surface that is created deliberately with wire brush. This style is not shiny and reflective, which makes it less slippery. It is best for outdoor areas of your house.

• Filled

Travertine tile flooring is porous and have tiny holes in it. To have a filled travertine flooring, these holes are filled with cement or resin, which not only makes it beautiful but also increases its durability as well.

• Chiseled

This emphasize on the rustic look of the tiles with rough sides, smooth edges with giving an extraordinary look to your flooring.

Phoenix tile stores have travertine tiles that can be an ideal tiling solution as it can be successfully used almost everywhere where tiling is usually a necessity. It offers durability, flexibility and along with it, it also gives a mesmerizing look. Even, travertine tile installation is not complicated like other flooring options. Another attractive thing about travertine tile flooring is that it comes in variety of colors and patterns that are available at Phoenix tile stores. They have fancy gold, beige and many more natural colored tiles. So, whether you want a glossy, textured or rustic or tumbled, phoenix tile stores will surely help you with an authentic travertine tile installation.

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