Update the Look of Your Floors by Creating a Mosaic Design with Tiles

Creating a home that is one-of-a-kind takes a lot of hard work and creativity. If you want your home to be truly unique, you need to add features that can only be found in your home. Creating a mosaic design with tiles on one of the floors in your home can be a great way to add character without having to spend a fortune. Use the following guide to learn how to create the perfect mosaic.

Mosaic Design with the tiles flooring

Consider the Thickness of the Tile

You need to take measurements in the room where you plan to use the tile to determine how thick it can be. You want to be sure that any doors within the room will still be able to open and close with ease after the tile is added to space. The tile will be sitting on a thin layer of the thin set between the tile and the plywood so plan accordingly.

Carefully consider the thickness of the tile

Consider the Colors of the Tile

You need to determine if you want to use solid colored tile or if you want tile that has a pattern to it when creating the mosaic. There are many beautiful patterns that can be created by breaking apart tiles with different patterns and colors and using them to create a mosaic design. If you are someone who likes a very crisp, finished look, you may want to choose tiles that you can keep whole when creating the design.

Select the best colors for the tile

Consider the Grout Color

Grout will be used between the tile. Fortunately, grout is available in many different colors to allow you to create just the look that you want. White is great for many designs, but sometimes black or brown are better color options to choose.

Once you have all of the tiles that you want to use, determine the layout you want for each piece of tile. Take a picture or create a map for the design and then remove the tiles from the space. Lay a thin layer of thin set and then start to put the pieces into place, ensuring that there is even space between them. You can use tile spacers if you want things to be exact. Let the tiles set for a few hours and then apply the grout, being sure to wash off any excess with a clean wet sponge. Allow everything to harden for a day or two before walking on the floor.

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