Vinyl Flooring Benefits Over Other Flooring Types

Vinyl flooring is a great option as it has the capability to fit in perfectly for any decor and if you are looking for low cost flooring within a budget. Vinyl floors come in a range of styles; they are durable and are long lasting. Vinyl is highly resistant to scratches, stains and dents. There are three types of vinyl flooring available in the market, vinyl sheet, vinyl tile and luxury vinyl.

Four reasons why vinyl floors are gaining popularity are its wide array of designs, easy to maintain and lastly its price range.

Vinyl floors offer a wide range of colours, designs and textures, and can mimic any type of flooring available in the market like hardwood or tile. To maintain your vinyl floors, all one needs to do is to sweep it on a daily routine and damp mop the floors once in a while. It is easy to clean up any spills. The price of owning sheet vinyl or tile vinyl is very less and if you want something more, then luxury vinyl is not a bad idea for the price variation.
Vinyl is surely gaining its popularity; below you can find the benefits of vinyl compared to other flooring types.

Vinyl Flooring TypesVinyl vs. Hardwood:

  • The price of hardwood floors is very expensive when compared to vinyl floors. The costliest of the vinyl floors will be half the price of that of hardwood.
  • Installing hardwood floors will need help from a professional and if any mistake is made, the cost of redoing it will be high. But vinyl floors can be installed by first time DIYers.
  • Hardwood is prone to damage from moisture or water accidents, while vinyl is resistant to water damages.
  • Hardwood floors can be easily susceptible to dents and scratches whereas vinyl is scratch and dent resistant.
  • Cleaning hardwood floors can be a little difficult when compared to the easy maintenance of vinyl floors.

Vinyl vs. Tile:

  • Ceramic tiles are expensive when compared to vinyl flooring
  • It is difficult to install ceramic tiles because of the heavy nature of tile and its brittleness.
  • Vinyl is easy to install and they are light weight.
  • Tiles make your floors feel cold while vinyl gives a warm touch to the feet.
  • Tiles can be hard on the feet, but with vinyl flooring, according to the underlayment you choose, the hardness can be adjusted.
  • Tiles can be slippery, but in vinyl you can choose from a wide range of textures.

Vinyl vs. Carpet:

  • To maintain carpet floors, regular vacuuming is needed to clean out the dust and keep it odour free.
  • There is a chance that your carpet may be in infested with dust mites or other pests if it is not taken good care.
  • Cleaning spills on a carpet can be an awfully difficult job because liquids soak up easily and can stain the carpet. With vinyl, all you need to do is to take a cloth and wipe it clean.
  • If you have pets around, there is a chance that your carpet can get easily damaged; it is not the same with vinyl as they are highly scratch resistant.

Once you have read about the many advantages, vinyl has over the other flooring types; one has to choose according to their lifestyle and habits. Once that is prioritised, choosing a floor can be an easy job.

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