What is Handscraped Hardwood Flooring?

Choosing the best flooring for your house or office can be a little difficult with so many options available in the market. From ceramic flooring to tile flooring to hardwood flooring, customers are offered a variety of choices that can be installed in almost every area of the house or the office. Among these, hardwood flooring option is one of the oldest type of flooring to be installed in houses and till date has not been out of trend.

Hardwood flooring is extremely durable and is perfect for high traffic areas such as a conference room in the office and the living area in the house. This flooring is very easy to maintain and clean. If anything spills on the floor, it can be cleaned easily using a wet mop and then by a dry mop. A word of caution, this flooring is not water resistant and actually gets spoiled if exposed to water spills frequently. This flooring also becomes scratch resistant if the necessary coatings are applied over it thus making it even more durable and keeping it beautiful for years.

With so many benefits involved, one is bound to consider hardwood flooring as an option for their house or office. This flooring essentially comes in two varieties, they being solid hardwood flooring and engineered hardwood flooring.

In the recent years, with the developments in technology and increased creativity all around the world, new patterns of hardwood flooring have emerged. One such type of flooring is Hand scraped flooring which can be found in both solid as well as engineered wood.

Hand Scraped wood flooringWhat is hand scraped hardwood flooring?

This flooring derives its name from the technique used to make the flooring smooth. Using a draw knife, the wooden plank is scraped so that it become smooth and even surface. In the recent times, a lot of machines have been developed that do the scraping in a uniform manner in place of scraping that was originally done by hand.

Hand scraped flooring differs from Distress flooring:

Although both of the floorings require similar techniques, the output is very different from each other. The hand scraped wood plank will have more variations as compared to a distress wood plank. Also, the hand scraped wood plank is made to look like it has gone through a lot of wear and tear.

Do I lose the benefits of hardwood flooring?

Hand scraped flooring gives you the same benefits of hardwood flooring and in fact even more. This flooring has had a remarkable durability for houses and offices. Also, this flooring gives a more rustic look to the house that may not be possible with a normal hardwood floor.

So the next time you decide to buy a hardwood floor, don’t forget to consider this option.

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