What is the Best Type of Flooring for Pets?

Are you building a new home or remodeling an existing one? The first and foremost choice you have to make is regarding the kind of flooring. The choice gets even harder when pets are involved. If you have pets your choice entirely depends on them as it is very hard to maintain any kind of flooring with pets around.

There are a variety of pet flooring options available in the market but when you have to choose you to have to look into the different flooring types and choose the one that is a pet-friendly flooring option.

Hardwood flooring: One can say it is the most desired and the most famous choice for any home; it is not a recommended flooring option with pets around as this flooring can stain easily. If there is any pet accident it has to be cleaned immediately and even then the stain can remain on the wood floor. If the stain cannot be cleaned by using various cleaning methods then you may have to refinish your floors or even remove and replace them with new ones.

Another point is that wood absorbs water, if there is a water bowl kept on the floor, you must make sure it is placed on a mat and not on the floor itself as water can spill and seep into the wood floors. If the water spills are not cleaned promptly there is a possibility of your wood floors to swell or warp. Pet nails can be a danger to any kind of flooring as they can scratch the floors. if you do choose to have wooden floors you must make sure to placemats and sweep up any accidents immediately without any delay to prevent any staining. The pet nails should also be trimmed so that while walking your pet won’t damage your floor. Make sure to sweep the floors and mop them at regular intervals.

pet friendly flooringLaminate floors: They are tougher and give the look of traditional hardwood floors but may not be the right choice if you have pets around. Pets can easily slip on this kind of flooring and damage their body. One advantage is that laminate floors don’t scratch easily. But it is not a good idea to have laminate floors with pets around as it is not safe for the pets.

Bamboo floors: These floors are the best choice of flooring with pets around. It is the hardest kind flooring and can withstand any amount of traffic. Pet owners don’t have to worry about stains as it is completely stained resistant and also resistant to scratches.

Cork floors: It is an eco-friendly flooring type and it is a good choice as it is antimicrobial flooring type which will decrease the mold and other allergens in the air and improve the health of the owners and pets as well. It is water resistant but the spills or any pet accidents have to be cleaned immediately.

Stone or tile floors: Both the flooring options are a good choice with pets around as they don’t get damaged easily. They are scratch resistant and water resistant. In case your pet needs to relieve itself in emergency cases, it can do so without damaging the floor. The only disadvantage with this kind of floor is that they are cold and hard and pets can get uncomfortable on it. One way that will probably help is to place rugs for the pets.

Vinyl floors: This is another pet-friendly flooring option as they are scratch resistant, water resistant, allergy free and easy to maintain. Even the pets feel comfortable to walk and sleep on Vinyl floors.

Carpet: This is probably the worst kind of flooring option for houses with pets around. Carpets cannot withstand normal wear and tear, with pets it just gets worse. When considering the cost-effectiveness, the carpet can be an option. If the carpet is the choice then make sure to get a carpet without loops as pets can pull it apart with their nails.

To choose to floor can be a challenging task but make sure to choose the right kind of flooring that will last for a while and that needn’t be changed in a small period of time. There are many flooring stores in AZ that can help you to make the right choice.

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