What They Did To Their Child’s Room Left Us Speechless

Turning Your Kids’ Room Floor into Something Spectacular

Carpet and wood floors are not the only options for your child’s room. If you’re looking for a unique idea that can turn your kids’ bedroom into a fun space to play in, then switching up the floor to something different is the solution. You can make their floor something spectacular by adding a creative design and changing up the space in a way you never thought possible.

Kids Friendly Flooring Options

Use Chalk Paint

Chalk paint isn’t just for common surfaces or walls. You can use this type of paint on the floor as well, allowing your kids the chance to get to create their own floor design. They’ll enjoy their time much more in a room that they got to help design. Allow them to make a creation once and seal the design in after or let them continue to change their design over and over by leaving the floor unsealed.

Kid-Friendly Carpet Flooring Ideas

Create a Sports Arena

If hockey is your child’s favorite sport, you can turn their room into an arena. Create a white tiled floor that resembles a typical ice rink. Place a goal on one end of the room so the kids can take some slap shots when they feel like having fun. Perhaps basketball is more your kid’s style. A basketball court floor is also possible in their room. Set up a hoop above the door and they can spend their time shooting baskets. You can even make it green like a grassy football field if that’s what they prefer.

Kids Friendly Tile Flooring

Fill it With Foam

Your child’s room may have hardwood flooring, which isn’t the most comfortable. In this case, you can fill it with foam to make it more comfy for kids to sit and play on anytime. Many daycares use this alternative, and you can do it at home. There are colored foam pieces that fit together to create a cushioned and colorful floor.

Kids Friendly Cushion Foam Flooring

Alternate Carpet Square Colors

Instead of filling the room with foam pieces, the carpet itself can create a colorful pattern. Use alternative carpet square colors to create a uniquely designed floor for your child’s bedroom. Pick as little as two colors or select as many as you like for a diverse pattern and style.

Family-Friendly Carpet Squares

Children enjoy playing and exploring. Create a room that is all their own and completely unique and they’ll enjoy playing there more than anywhere else. With just a change of the floor, the room can be turned into a spectacular space your child will love.

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