What To Do Before A Carpet Installation?

Carpet installation requires a lot of planning before the real process. If you’re one who likes your house to look warm and fuzzy, then this is a good decision. This article will give you a good brief about how to go about it well. Installing new carpet is like a construction task. So be well prepared for all that it comes with- noise, dust, mess! Small children and pets are an absolute keep away. Your house will not be yours for a while. This sort of work can cause allergies, and those who are prone, must keep away from it until everything is finished.

What to do before installation:

Move out all your furniture- desks, chairs, couches, dining table. You will also have to move all your electronic appliances like refrigerator, TV, dishwasher, washing machine. If there is some furniture that need not be moved, make sure you cover it with a cloth so that dust doesn’t settle on it. If you’re carpeting just one room then the furniture only needs to be moved to the next room. But if you’re carpeting your entire home, then either you move out everything to a safe storage place or garage or you could also keep moving furniture from room to room.

If you already had carpet flooring, then you have a few jobs to do. The biggest is removing the old carpet. A complete guide on that will be easily available on the internet or you could hire professional help. After removing your carpet, make sure you get all the tape and adhesive off. Use a little heat for this. Then start pulling out all the nails and staples and trash them.

Carpet installationUse a scraper to level your floor. This is necessary before you install a new carpet. Fix the loose edges or any cracks in the floor. You may want to hire professional help to level all the grout. Then, remove all the tack strips with a pry bar. Sweep the floor clean. Remove all loose parts of scrap. If you want your floors to be absolutely clean, then soft scrub them. After this you could use actual soap and water to clean the floor properly one last time. Turn on all the fans and allow your floor to dry. Mop up the small puddles of water if any. The floor must be completely dry. Even a little moisture can ruin your new carpet.

This is the best opportunity to fix your damaged subfloors. Do it all before the new carpet comes. You could even clean or add new color to your baseboards. For wood or concrete floors, you can even use a sealer to protect it further.

After this, your job is done. Just wait for the professionals to install your carpet. Make sure there is an adult to supervise the work. Maintain the temperatures of the room where the job is getting done. After it’s done, make sure you do a thorough check before the helpers leave. And finally- Enjoy your newly carpeted floors!

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