What’s New In Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Luxury vinyl floors have become one of the most popular types of flooring in the recent times. Compared to all the other flooring options in the market right from carpet to hardwood to tile to porcelain, this flooring is credited to provide more comfort, ease of installation as well as maintenance and care. There is a variety of vinyl flooring options, but the luxury vinyl floor is the most sought after variety of the flooring.

Luxury vinyl flooring has a lot of benefits that make it superior to any other type of flooring. Firstly, this flooring is available in a variety of options. Starting from wood style pattern to tile and laminate style patterns, this flooring can be made to look like any other flooring at a minimal cost. Also, new leather looking vinyl flooring is also available in the market these days which is gaining a lot of steam because of its uniqueness and authenticity in its feel.

blog-bathroom picSecondly, luxury vinyl flooring is extremely durable as compared to its counterparts like carpet floors. This flooring, if maintained properly, can stay in your house for decades and still look new. In the recent years, because of innovations, scratch-resistant luxury vinyl tiles have come up in the market which makes the flooring even more durable and also the perfect choice for those who have kids and pets around. Also, this flooring is water resistant which means you no longer have to worry about any spills that might spoil your flooring.

Thirdly, luxury floors come in a variety of form right form planks to tiles that make it very easy to install them. In the recent years, luxury vinyl installation all on your own has become very easy. All you require is to put a double sided carpet tape around the parameter of the house and you are done. So now, you do not need to call a profession and pay him hefty amounts and you also don’t need to struggle while installing the flooring yourself, since it can be done easily and in much lesser time now.

Fourthly, luxury vinyl flooring is extremely easy to maintain. With recent advancements in its technology, it has not only become much more resistant to spills and stains but has also become easier to clean. If there is a stain or spill over the flooring, you just need to clean it up using a wet mop and your flooring will be as clean as ever. Although, you may need to re-polish the flooring in a few years to give it the defining look again, but apart from that, you do not need to spend hefty on its maintenance.

With all these advantages and new innovations in luxury vinyl flooring, you are bound to visit a vinyl store Arizona and book yourself a flooring already.

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