What’s the best flooring for a home with pets, wood or carpet?

Are you thinking of remodelling your existing home or building a new one, making the right flooring choice is very important. If you have pets at home then it gets to be a more difficult task to choose the right flooring type without having to replace it in a couple of years.

Having pets around, you need to take in to consideration the scratches and the damage the pet nails can do to your flooring. You even have to consider the hair that your pets shed in your home making it a difficult task to clean. Taking all these points in mind, no one has made rules to decide what flooring goes well with pets. It all depends on your interest and your capability to clean up as soon as there is any accident that takes place.

pet friendly flooringHere we are going to read about two flooring options, Carpet flooring and hardwood flooring.

Carpet flooring: This is actually the most comfortable kind of flooring choice as far as your pet is considered, but it can be a nightmare for the owner of the pet to keep the carpet clean. Your pet will obviously prefer carpet to any other kind of floor, considering the soft and plush feel it gives to a pet.

Taking in to account the damage a pet can do, carpet is considered the worst kind of flooring option for a home with dogs or cats. Given the price variation with the other flooring choices, most people prefer carpet, if that is the case then make sure to choose a carpet that is piled rather than with loops.

Pet nails can pull on the loops and can damage your carpet sooner than later. Also go for carpets which are odour resistant, will help in protecting us from the smell carried in from the outside dirt and if any urine accidents take place. Nylon or polyester finish carpets do not stain easily.

Hardwood flooring: This is one of the most desired flooring options chosen for homes, but if you have pets around it should be given a second thought as it is not the most pet friendly flooring choice available in the market. If urine accidents happen on hardwood floors, it can get very difficult to deal with the terrible smell it leaves behind. Even if it is cleaned promptly there is a chance that the urine may seep into the wood causing damage to the inside of the floor and leaving a dark spot on the floor. If the stain is very bad, you may have to sand the floor and refinish it and if even that doesn’t work then you may have to strip the floor and replace the planks with new ones. It so happens sometimes, even after cleaning the floor completely, the smell might come back at a later stage, if this happens it is best to replace the entire flooring.

One more issue with hardwood floors and pets is the water bowl, you must always make sure to place a mat or something that absorbs the water if it spills on the floor. If it spills and is left without cleaning then the moisture from the water may damage the inside of the floor and the floors tend to contract and swell.

Pet nails can be another major cause for not opting for hardwood floors. They should be trimmed on a timely basis as it can scratch the floor and may damage the surface.

If it is a must to have hardwood floors then you must go with the tough species. Some hardwood floors are tough and some are not so tough. The not so tough ones will not last long with pets around but if you choose the high quality ones, they can get very expensive but they will last longer without damaging the floor. It is always better to go for hardwood floors rather than engineered wood, because for hardwood floors you can sand and refinish but with engineered wood you will have to replace it with a new floor.

Pets especially dogs are considered to be friends forever but they can be difficult when choosing flooring for a home as they track dirt, scratch the floors with their nails or they can use any place to relieve themselves that does a lot of damage to the floors. So before you purchase flooring choose wisely and keep in mind that whatever the flooring is, there will be a lot of maintenance that needs to be done.

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