Why Engineered Wood Floors Is Your Best Option For Arizona Homes

When you start shopping for new flooring for your Arizona home, you’ll discover that you have hundreds or even thousands of options. A company like Express Flooring can help you find the best flooring for your home because it will bring samples to your house. The hardwood flooring store also uses a tested method to ensure the success of your installation.

Engineered wood flooring

Often, Arizona homeowners decide that engineered wood floors from Express Flooring work best for them. They make this decision because engineered wood flooring offers so many benefits.

Engineered Wood Flooring Offers More Stability Than Hardwood Flooring

Companies that make engineered wood flooring use several layers of high-density fiberboard (HDF) to make their products extremely stable. Because they use so many layers of HDF, engineered wood actually has more strength than solid wood floors.

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HDF also has features that protect it from the damaging effects of moisture and fluctuating temperatures. You can put it in any room of your house, including the basement. Although a flood could damage the flooring, a leaking pipe usually won’t hurt it as long as you catch the problem soon. You don’t get the same level of damage resistance from hardwood.

Engineered Wood Flooring Contains Real Wood

Engineered wood flooring looks like hardwood flooring because it contains real wood. Manufacturers use real hardwood for the top layer of engineered wood flooring. The company can use any tree species that they want, so you can find an option that you love. Express Flooring, of course, has a warehouse with dozens of options for you to consider.

Engineered Wood Has a Consistent Aesthetic

Regular wood flooring can have a lot of inconsistencies. Some Arizona homeowners prefer the inconsistencies created by natural wood materials. Most people, however, prefer a consistent aesthetic that unifies their rooms.

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Since engineered wood flooring manufacturers have control over which pieces of wood they include as the top layer, you can enjoy a look that isn’t marred by the dark spots and chaotic grain that you find in many hardwood species.

Express Flooring Can Install Engineered Wood Flooring Quickly

As long as Express Flooring has the flooring that you want in stock, the company can install it the next day. Experienced professionals can install engineered wood flooring quickly because the planks fit together easily. Depending on the product that you choose, Express Flooring can install your floor by snapping, gluing, or stapling the engineered wood planks together.

In addition to quick installation, you get a lifetime installation warranty from Express Flooring. If the company’s employees make a mistake during installation, Express Flooring will fix the problem for free.

You Can Refinish Engineered Wood Flooring to Maintain Its Beauty

Over the years, your engineered wood flooring may get damaged by dragging heavy furniture, spills, and other accidents. Since the top layer of the product is made from real hardwood, you can have your engineered wood flooring refinished to maintain its beauty.

Once you’re ready to refinish your floors, request an appointment with Express Flooring to choose a convenient date and time. At the scheduled time, employees from Express Flooring will provide professional restoration services that make your flooring look new again.

Arizona residents choose their flooring options for a variety of reasons. Engineered wood floors, however, stand out as one of your best options. Schedule an appointment with Express Flooring to view engineered flooring products in your home. If you don’t love one of the samples brought to you, Express Flooring will continue bringing options until you find the perfect flooring for your home.

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