Why Laminate Flooring Is The Best Choice For Families With Kids?

When you have kids in the house, there is not much that you can save from damage. Walls, sofa linen or even floors are prone to some memorable marks of your kid’s childhood. What most people do is ignore all that damages and wait for the kids to outgrow a particular stage to replace them. But you don’t need to do that anymore. There are an endless number of things that can happen to your floors when you have children at home such as scratches from chairs, push-toys, cars, marks from crayons, stains and spills.

There are many kids room flooring options, but we recommend laminate the most. If not for the entire house, laminate flooring for kids rooms is an ideal option. First of all they are very durable. The surface of the laminate has such a finish which doesn’t scratch easily. They can be said to be almost scratch resistant. So, even a sharp toy with pointy edges will be safe on the floor.

Laminate flooring for Kids room

Benefits of Laminate Flooring:

There is nothing that cannot be wiped off a laminate floor. When kids play with crayons or even permanent markers, you don’t need to run behind them trying to save your floors. Stains and marks can be cleaned easily with a damp cloth or even a little bit of acetone. If your tiny daughter decides to try on your lipsticks and nail polishes, no need to worry about getting the stains of this off the floor. Just grab your camera and capture the moments.

The best part about laminate is that if there is a portion that is beyond repair, then it can be easily replaced. You don’t have to remove and replace the entire floor. All you have to do is remove the planks that are damaged and replace them with similar new ones. Laminate tiles also have the convenience of being easy to install and hence can be easily replaced with the click and lock technology. It helps if you have some extra tiles from the original batch. Or you could even polish or stain the tiles to match the rest of the floor. This is a major reason why laminate is considered the best flooring for kid’s rooms.

Laminate floors are also the more eco-friendly option. It is a healthier bet than other floors. Many kids have allergies and so do adults. Flooring options like carpets store a lot of dust within and thus can be a source of a number of allergies. With laminate floors, dust doesn’t stay long. Everything on the floor is visible and can be taken care of with a swipe of a broom or one round of vacuuming. Anything that spills can be wiped with a cloth without leaving any traces. Laminate tiles don’t even allow wear marks on their surface.

Thus, laminate is indeed the most viable options when children are around. It looks good and is available in a number of designs to choose from. They are also budget-friendly. You can have a safe, economical, good looking and also durable floor, if you choose laminate floors!

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