Why Should We Use Marble Tile Flooring For Porch?

The porch is the part of your house that you will be using more than the living room. In a porch you can use those types of floors that you didn’t use inside your house. There are a variety of porch flooring options ranging from wood to sand and brick. However, a unique and smart option would be marble tile flooring. Marble is not a cheap option but they give a very elegant look to the area that they are installed in. They have also been the best choice for good quality construction. Certain characteristics make marble a sought after choice. Even though marble is being used in constructions since time immemorial, it still fits perfectly well in modern design.

The first would be its unique look. Marble has a luxurious look to it. Since it is a natural stone it is very unique from the rest. Even different batches of marble look different from each other. Marble is also considered very versatile. It comes in different shades and can match almost any design scheme. If maintained well, marble is also very durable and can last homeowners for years. The best part about marble is that unlike many other floors, marble can be polished. Polishing helps regain the shine on the floors and makes it look new.

Why Should we Use Marble Tile Flooring For PorchThe only precaution to be taken is that during marble floor installation in the porch, you must take advice from your vendors regarding the suitability of the climate for the stone. Not all natural stone can survive in extreme weather conditions. That is the only thing that requires consideration for an exterior marble installation.

Marble tiles are relatively easy to clean. They can be washed or just cleaned with a damp mop. Because of this they make a good floor for both indoor as well as outdoor parts of your homes. They can also be cleaned with disinfectants. Even with little maintenance, it shows off its natural shine and luxurious appealing look.

There was a time when people thought that marble can be used only indoors. This is wrong. In fact marble floors are ideal for porches and patio coverings. Due to its versatility it is easy to find the right shade and match it with your concrete walking pads and create wonderful designs. Another thing that you will need to check for is the slip resistance. Make sure the floor meets the standard of slip resistance needed in exterior floors. In order to be able to use it outdoor, the marble floor must be frost-proof and unglazed. The rate at which it absorbs moisture should be less than 1%.

Since interior tiles are less slip resistant, they collect lesser dirt. When using slip resistant marble for your outdoor porch, be warned that it may collect a little more dirt than normal. But it isn’t something that cannot be looked after with the regular maintenance routine. Hence, as you see, marble is a good and unique idea for your porch. It’s durable and looks beautiful!

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