Why Tile Flooring Has Advantages Over Other Types Of Flooring?

Tile is a versatile architectural resource that can be employed in a variety of environments with no worry of any constraints such as water, stains and design. Tile is an incredible flooring choice for virtually any room. You’ll find it everywhere from entryways and baths to kitchen back-splashes. Tile is very popular among homeowners as it offers great value for your budget with huge benefits. Tile flooring is one of the long lasting products in market today.Floor Tile Designs

Well, we all know that there are a myriad of different flooring types to choose from, but we need to know which flooring is reliable with huge benefits than the others, and should know the negatives as well.

Reading this post should solve your questions as to why Tile has advantages over other Types of Flooring, also the other important things to consider about flooring types.

Other Flooring Types:

Carpet Flooring: Carpet is soft, supple covering for comfort rather than sturdiness. It is most popular flooring for bedrooms and family rooms. But keeping your carpet fresh requires regular cleaning at least once a week in high traffic areas as it accumulates dust and penetrates moisture with pet stains and odors. A well maintained carpet will last about 5 years.

Wood: A wood floor creates an ambiance of classiness in your home. The most common and desired hardwood species is oak; as it’s relatively neutral color goes well with most decors. It holds well in high traffic areas. But it gets easily scratched if not well maintained. It needs regular maintenance as it is susceptible to moisture. It shrinks and expands creating gaps or warping and may darken with age.

Laminate: Laminate floors often look like solid wood, available in different colors that resemble different wood species and relatively cheaper than wood. It is extremely easy to clean and resist to stains. But these floors cannot be sanded or refinished if gets damaged heavily, deep scratched or grooved.

Bamboo: Bamboo is a natural surface covering material that has many properties though it is actually produced from a type of grass. Bamboo is more quickly renewable resource than wood and is comparatively strong, clean and eco- friendly in nature. However, it gets faded while exposed to direct sunlight.

Cork: Cork is an attractive natural floor covering choice that is popular for its distinctive style. Cork tiles can be arranged in endless configurations. But when sharp or heavy objects get dropped on the surface cork floor can be damaged due to the softness of the material.

Advantages of Tile Flooring- Why more benefits than other types of Flooring?

Tiles are pretty versatile in variety of styles and options, and presents you the choice to make your home look as pristine or as casual you would choose for. Along with its beauty, there are number of reasons why tile is both practical and popular.

  • Tiles are made by using natural materials which doesn’t get hold of allergens, odors or bacteria as other materials do.
  • Tile comes in myriad of colors, patterns and designs and provides a realistic look and value to any room décor.
  • Tile can easily endure heavy foot traffic at both residential and commercial places.
  • Regardless to look, it is resistant to all common sources of wear and tear endured by quality flooring.
  • It is usually easy and quick to install and maintain and can be used in any room. 
  • Tile is an outstanding choice preferably in soggy areas.
  • One of the main benefits associated with a tile floor is its ease of maintenance. 
  • No special cleaning solutions are required to maintain your tile floor. 
  • Routine cleaning can be accomplished with mild cleaning solution and a sponge mop.

Ultimately, Tiles are the most sought after flooring materials of the present day comparatively to other flooring options as it has superior qualities. Tiles are extremely convenient to sustain which needs minimum effort to keep looking new for ages. Hence, tile is considered as one of the most preferred flooring options to any part of your home.

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