Why to Choose Cork Flooring For Your Kitchen?

Cork has become an elegant and fabulous material choice for kitchens. For a comfort and conscious cooks, cork is the best floor as its inbuilt softness and springiness makes it more comfortable to stand on it for longer periods. It is resistant to stains and spills which is a common hazard in busy kitchens. Cork is a futuristic flooring option, comes in tiles, planks, or sheets and in a variety of trendy colors. It acts as a natural insulator, warm under foot, stifles sound, and helps reducing energy bills. Cork is an excellent ecological choice as it can be an extremely environmental friendly flooring option for your home.

Considerations while choosing cork floor to your busy kitchen:

Here are the aspects to consider while choosing cork flooring for your kitchen:
Color: Cork can come stained or dyed to virtually any color, allowing you to choose from a wide variety of aesthetic options for your kitchen.Cork Flooring

Finish: Select cork from a variety of finish options for your kitchen including polyurethane, vinyl coatings and wax, cork floors come in both finished and pre-finished coatings.

Durability/ Thickness: Pick the cork that suits your needs and budget. Denser floors are more durable and thicker floors are better insulators.

Comfort & Softness: Cork provides a natural absorbing feel to the floor where you can stand on for longer periods in your kitchen providing relief for your feet.

Noise Reduction: Cork makes the floor more comfortable as it reduces noise and vibrations. Unlike hard materials, cork is quiet and reduces impact of noise such as sound by walking or pets or something dropped on the floor.

Underlayment: Cork flooring can be installed, joined or perched over even surfaces, including concrete and wood. Tiles that are used to create patterns are trickier to install as they need be glued. Cork flooring is a natural insulator that helps in maintaining temperature in a room. Cork floor reduces sound and vibrations and inherently resists mold, insects and allergens.

Maintenance: Cork flooring requires little maintenance and care comparatively to hard flooring materials as it has a polyurethane finish, it needs to be mopped on a regular basis to maintain in good condition.

Importantly, like other flooring’s, you should protect your cork flooring from direct sunlight to avoid discoloration. Ultimately, cork flooring is the better option for your kitchen floor as it is highly durable, versatile material available in variety of colors in either tiles, planks or sheets for the people on a budget.

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