Why Vinyl Is the Perfect Floor for Your Kitchen

Every woman wants the perfect kitchen. From the shade of your walls to the type of cabinets- you take the trouble to choose each little thing meticulously. In this series of decisions that you make for your kitchen, one of the most important is regarding your flooring. Apart from attractiveness, there are a few things that your must keep in mind before choosing your floor. The durability, time that you will spend cleaning it and how easy it is to maintain are certainly essential things to consider.

Kitchen Vinyl Sheet FlooringAmong other kitchen flooring options, we recommend Vinyl Flooring for your kitchen. And we’re just about to tell you why. Yes, other options like Hardwood flooring and Laminate flooring might seem good too. But they both have their cons over Vinyl.

Since the kitchen is one of the high-traffic areas of your house, durability of the floor is extremely important. It is practically impossible to refinish laminate floors. You will just have to replace it. The surface Layer degrades over time, and scratches appear very easily. Even sweeping the floor wears off the surface very easily. They are also pretty hard on your feet. They are very slick and you have to be careful while walking.

Hardwood floors are really expensive and not the best investment for a kitchen, as such. They are highly prone to water damage. So any leakage from your fridge or dishwasher can wreck the floor. Over time, the boards begin to warp. Hardwood is also very inclined to get scratched, dented and stained. Maintenance with this one is a task. You may have to have additional mats in your kitchen just to protect your floors. Cleaning has to be regular. Spills have to be cleaned up with no delay.

Vinyl floorings are a popular choice for kitchens:

Vinyl comes in wide varieties and patterns. The designs can be combined to create new patterns. Printed vinyl is another popular choice which can be made to look almost like hardwood. It also has a special elasticity to it which makes it comfortable for the feet. Crockery that falls on it often remains intact. The modern Vinyl floors have a more realistic appearance unlike the older ones.

Maintenance of vinyl floors is comparatively easy. The regular sweeping and mopping should be sufficient to do the job. The surface is impervious- It lets almost no water in. This is what makes it ideal for the kitchen which is such a moisture prone area of your home.

If you choose the lower range of vinyl floors, it can work out very cheap for you. But if you want to splurge then you still have many options in vinyl. It is also considered highly durable. The good quality ones can last you up to a decade. They are resistant to most scratches, dents, stains and spills. Vinyl flooring is also easy to install. You can do it yourself, but professional help is advised.

It couldn’t get better. Vinyl really is your ideal kitchen floor. It’s everything you would want from your floor.

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