Winter season could be time to [upgrade] and get some stain resistant carpet flooring

When you wake up in the winter and place your bare feet on the icy cold floors, it might feel chilly; flooring is an imperative decision to make, especially when winter is approaching. Among all the flooring, carpet flooring options not only give warmth in the winter season but suit your decor, your lifestyle and your other requirements in the best way possible. Though carpet flooring options are prone to maintenance issues with some cleaning efforts, it can be easily employed in bedrooms, living rooms, and children’s rooms. Express Flooring has many carpet flooring options meant for the winter season, which are tough, stain free, easy to clean and free from the hassle of daily maintenance.


Compared to all the latest carpet trends, upgrade your flooring with stain resistant carpet flooring as:

  • Stain resistant carpet flooring is made blending the benefits of nylon and wool, which delivers comfort, warmth and stain resistance. The material and threads used to make these carpets give coziness and warmth, therefore are best suited for winters.
  • Apart from stain resistance, its texture boasts great wearing capacity, and also lasts for generations. This resilience makes these carpet flooring options great for homes with children and pets.
  • Stain resistant carpet flooring options are free from cleaning and maintenance as these carpets do not allow spills and stains to leave any mark behind. Also, it can hold color and texture for a more extended period as compared to other carpets.
  • Installing stain resistant carpet flooring options will be relatively more than normal carpets, but with time, you will realize that it is worth the price. No special cleaning products or equipment is required; this will always keep you free from all the cleaning hassles and stress that comes with carpet flooring options.
  • Moreover, the desire to protect your home with quality stain resistant carpet flooring won’t limit your choice of carpet styles and colors. These carpets are readily available in many color options from dark to light, in variable fabric quality ranging from low to high, with texture matching the latest carpet trends.

As some of the floors retain heat for a longer time and some lose it quickly, you need to be wise enough to go through the pros and cons of all the options. Latest carpet trends, especially stain resistant carpet flooring, is the most iconic and popular flooring solution. These carpets are built with thicker threads and tend to give more warmth in winter, protecting the inner space from the outside chill, and also help to insulate the room against heat loss. Express Flooring has many stain resistant carpet flooring options that will surely give you the warmth and coziness that you expect from flooring during the winter season.

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