Wood Or Wood Like Flooring: What’s The Difference

Traditionally wooden flooring was the only one that added warmth and natural beauty to the house. Even, hardwood installations delivers the most classy and elegant look as compared to other flooring options. But now days, wooden flooring options competes with many of its copycats, which not only give the look of woods but also, are less costly. So, people planning to build their newer homes or renovate the older ones that have lower price point in their minds, they often use wood looked tiles that gives the same look as of real woods. 

The major differences are as follows: 

  • Price

The major difference is the price when it comes to choose among various wood flooring options and wood looked tiles. Hardwood flooring is harvested from natural and exotic trees whereas an image of hardwood is placed over the tile material to form a wood looked tiles, so hardwood flooring is considerably highly priced. Even, hardwood installation is much more than the wood looked tile installation. But one thing about hardwood flooring is that you feel gorgeous when you walk on it that is incomparable with any other flooring. 

  • Durability

The traffic load, wear and tear and other damages is on your flooring of your house. Wood flooring options are susceptible to scratching and attract moisture whereas wood tile flooring is resistant to all damages and also easy to clean. 

wood or wood like flooring

  • Value

Even though wood looked tiles are more durable, easy to maintain and clean but the value that the wooden floors give to your house is much more than these tiles. These tiles only give the texture same as wood but it is not visually appealing than wooden flooring. 

  • Application

Wooden flooring options have limited application but wood looked tiles can go just anywhere including shower area, kitchen etc. as it is repellant to all liquids and heat with no stains or marks appearing on it. 

  • Customization

Forming a unique pattern with woods can be expensive and time consuming, but with wood looked tiles you can custom many designs easily. 

  • Sustainability

Wood looked tiles are a remarkable substitute to wooden flooring and also reduce the cutting down of trees to a large extent. These tiles give warmth and beauty of wood without disturbing a single tree. 

  • Repair

Flooring needs to be repaired at some point of time. Hardwood installation and repair can be done by simply  sanding imperfections and refinishing whereas tile flooring comes in individual pieces and a new piece may not match the other tiles of the flooring so, it is difficult to repair it properly. 

No matter what is the preference, wood flooring options or wood looked tiles both have their own pros and cons. You need to choose among various flooring options that are best for your budget, lifestyle and home.

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