Worst Basement Flooring Options

Your basement doesn’t always need to be a ‘dungeon’ meant for dumping the extra stuff. If redecorated properly, it can become a multi-purpose room that also provides necessary storage. Redecorating is a hectic process which requires you to plan out a lot of things such as what flooring option should be considered. If, for example, you choose to put carpet flooring in your ‘flood-prone’ basement, then it will create a lot of hassle for you later on.

So, here are a few “don’t” with regards to your basement flooring.

1. Style
Your basement should be a reflection of your idea of personal style and comfort and not what would be trendy. Trends keep on changing but it is impossible for you to keep on changing your flooring according to it. Just make sure that your basement flooring matches the innate style of your house and the deed’s done.

2. Durability
It’s essential to give importance to the wear and tear of your basement flooring for whichever purpose it is being put. If you plan to keep heavy items such as a refrigerator in your basement, carpet may not be the best type of flooring. It’s better to go for a concrete flooring instead.

Basement Flooring3. Comfort and Air Quality
Both traditional vinyl flooring and newly installed carpets can emit high level of volatile organic compounds (VOC) which can make your eyes water, give you headache and in some cases also cause a host of respiratory diseases. So it’s important to look at eco-friendly flooring ideas and cork is one of the best options for that.

4. Temperature and Atmosphere
If your basement has high level of humidity, then choosing carpet flooring will be a mistake. Carpet flooring tends to absorb little moisture and provide warmth. It can get a little uncomfortable if you live in tropical regions where the temperature is high. Also, sometimes the carpet tends to dry out in case of flooding in the basement thus losing its soft texture.

5. Uneven Flooring
Sometimes, your basement is not levelled out properly and when you put carpet or tile flooring on it, it looks odd. It’s important to even out the concrete foundation if the basement before going for any kind of flooring.

6.Water-Prone Basements
The most common problem faced in almost all the basements is that they are prone to flooding either because of leaked pipes or because of rain water entering through the windows. Therefore, it is important to avoid flooring that can soak the water and/or gets easily damaged with exposure to too much water too frequently (yes we are talking about carpet, carpet square, laminate, hardwood and the likes of them).

Every flooring option has its share of benefits as well as drawbacks. One single option might not be fulfilling all your requirements, but it’s necessary to weigh all your options and choose the perfect flooring for your basement. Don’t forget to think over the pointers mentioned above.

Worst Basement Flooring Options was last modified: October 12th, 2015 by Express Flooring