You Will Fall In Love With These Easy Home Remodel Ideas

Looking for the best fall design ideas? Whether it’s updating a guest bathroom to spruce up a drab color scheme, adding new kitchen flooring for the kitchen of your dreams (like the designer homes on HGTV), or a few fast before and after ideas to spruce up a dated kitchen look that’s lost its luster, here are a few ways to upgrade your kitchen and bathroom this fall – and make them fall fabulous!

Best Fall Design Ideas: Don’t Be Afraid to Use Bold or Contrasting Colors or Play with Patterns

Turning a drab kitchen look around is easier than you think. A benefit to starting a kitchen remodeling project is if you keep a neutral backdrop, such as the kitchen cabinets in white or tan, then you can change the accessorizing colors however you want.

The latest kitchen remodel ideas

Fabric, Planters, Centerpieces, and Other Accessories

Red is big for fall so don’t be afraid to experiment with color. Find a favorite color scheme and incorporate the same colors in your:

  • Kitchen towels and oven mitts
  • Dish soap container and spice jars
  • A planter on the window sill
  • The kitchen curtains and a table runner
  • Your kids’ outfits (kidding)

Better Homes & Gardens shows colorful ways to use plaid and stripes in the kitchen and how to play up a bold red and gold vinyl flooring or linoleum flooring. Fabric stores carry a host of warm fall colors and patterns that you can carry over into the winter months.

For more ideas, follow interior designers like @lizlovegrowswild or @thedecordujour.

Blankets, Pillows, Chair Covers, and Table Runners

Country Living’s play on fall colors includes subtle changes like plaid blankets and pillows in the living room with contrasting dark hardwood flooring. They also showcase fall colored area rugs against vinyl and tile flooring with fall leaves or a fall floral arrangement as the centerpiece. Rustic looks can include subtle colors like rust and orange to compliment vinyl tiles that resemble natural wood – These are easier to clean up and good for high-traffic homes.

Bedroom remodel ideas

If you want to change to a color you’re not sure that you’ll keep like rust-colored chair covers and a matching table runner, keep the remaining décor neutral so you can switch it up when you’re ready. You can even use a fruit or vegetable pattern as Better Homes & Gardens demonstrates how to showcase a tomato pattern or watermelon pattern with matching colored linoleum flooring. For fall, switch to a leaf pattern and set a fall-colored centerpiece for your table.

For additional ideas, follow interior designers like @ablissfulnest or @kamigrayinteriors.

A New Look for Your Old Floors

With your floors, consult a flooring specialist for their back-to-school or end-of-summer flooring sale and installation price. If it’s out of your budget to install new hardwood flooring, try laminate flooring that looks like hardwood floors or just have your current floors sanded, stained, and varnished for a new look (voila!). Just call for a price for flooring and installation and let the flooring specialist know your budget, room sizes, and preferences.

Sofa Covers and Area Rugs

For your living room, den, and bedrooms, if you want to incorporate new flooring into your remodeling ideas, try cherry or dark hardwood flooring and use contrasting softer colors like light blue, off-white, orange, and green. Reupholster your sofa with velvet which is trending right now and such a luxurious fabric. Martha Stewart often shows a similar approach to her decorating ideas and fall patterns.

Hall remodel ideas

With the bathroom, use fabric trim on towels, the shower curtain, bath mat, and the toothpaste holder, soap dish, and waste bin. Visit Bed, Bath, and Beyond for fall rug and runner ideas.

For more design help with your interior, follow @simplygrove or @shnordic.

Tile Flooring for the Bathroom and New Guest Bedroom Carpeting

If you’re thinking about new tile flooring for a welcoming look for guests who might be visiting over the holidays, contact a flooring store and ask for the best new flooring for your bathrooms. You can do a search online for “carpet stores near me” or “flooring stores near me”. They can offer you the latest flooring sale and installation deal that may include free installation and next day delivery if you get your tile flooring now before the holiday rush starts.

One of the reasons a remodel for your guest bath and powder room are important is because if you’re entertaining guests, you want them to feel right at home. HGTV showcases several ways to upgrade a small bath with a simple makeover such as with hardwood floors or tile which can last for years and increase your home’s value. While the flooring is actually vinyl or laminate, guests will think you paid more.

Bathroom remodel ideas

Lastly, don’t forget the new carpet flooring for the guest bedroom. Whether you select new Berber carpeting or go with textured carpeting, visiting friends and family might feel so comfortable they don’t want to leave until spring!


Getting ready for the holidays has never been more fun. Think about the color schemes you want to carry into each room and get your flooring sale and installation quote early so you can take advantage of discounted end-of-summer and back-to-school sales. With so much to do to remodel your rooms and add new colors, you’ll need plenty of time left to get the pies in the oven!

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