Your Environmentally Friendly Flooring Provider in AZ

Going green is always a good idea and if you’re redoing your floors, building a new house, or trying out a different look – Express Flooring is your environmentally friendly flooring provider in AZ.

For a simple explanation, the sustainable design focuses on increasing the efficiency of resource use — energy, water, and materials — while reducing a building’s impacts on human health and the environment throughout the building’s life cycle – and flooring is a part of that.

Here is a look at green flooring; what it is, why you should choose it, plus more about environmentally friendly choices.

What is Environmentally Friendly Flooring?

Green flooring or environmentally friendly flooring is flooring that is sustainable, as well as those that lessen indoor pollution and minimize health risks.

According to Green America:

You can now choose from a rapidly growing line of carpets and flooring made from recycled and eco-friendly materials. Durable, stylish, and often less expensive than conventional floors and carpets, these sustainable options provide a responsible and healthy way to enhance your home.

Environmentally friendly flooring

There are a number of flooring choices that are friendly to the environment. Some choices include:

  • Natural Stone
  • Cork
  • Linoleum
  • Concrete
  • Glass Tiles
  • Wool Carpet
  • P.E.T. Berber Carpet
  • Rubber
  • Re-Claimed Hardwood

Carpet is not traditionally environmentally friendly but with wool carpet, the wool is a natural resource spun into a thread that can be dyed any color imaginable, and then be woven to create a carpet.

Kid friendly carpet flooring

And with P.E.T. Berber carpet, it is sustainable too. The creation of the carpet is made from recycled plastic bottles. This not only affects the planet at a minimum, but it uses some of the plastic bottles that clog up the globe.

Natural stone is an excellent choice and Express Flooring offers stone variations that include travertine, limestone, marble, granite, and slate. It is sustainable because it is a natural material, it’s durable, it is easy to care for, it is recyclable, and stone is quarried and manufactured sustainably.

Floors must pass certain criteria to qualify for what is called the FloorScore. FloorScore is a comprehensive US certification system for floor coverings that is based on the LEED point system. To be granted FloorScore certification a product must pass demanding emissions tests to ensure that the product does not release any compounds that are detrimental to the quality of indoor air.

Why You Should Choose Environmentally Friendly Flooring

Let’s face it; there are plenty of reasons to choose environmentally friendly or green flooring.

For one, it helps the environment since sustainable materials are used. Environmentally friendly flooring leaves a smaller footprint and there is less toxicity in your home around your family and pets.

If you’re looking for a less altruistic reason, going green in your home raises the value in case you want to sell at a later date.

Brands That Offer Environmentally Friendly Flooring

We offer flooring options that are made from sustainable or recycled materials making them environmentally and family safe. In fact, there are quite a few brands that offer environmentally friendly flooring. They include Dupont Sorona, Greenworks, or Green Label Plus – just to name a few.

Attractive Dupont Sorona Carpet

As more companies become aware of the benefits of green living, there will be more and more that offer environmentally friendly options.

Why Express Flooring is the Best in Providing Environmentally Friendly Flooring

When you choose Express Flooring, you’re getting more than just a flooring company. We offer next day installation on all in-stock products and free in-home estimates. Our trained design consultants will be happy to bring our store to your door. This will allow you to see flooring samples next to your furniture and with your own lighting, all in the comfort of your own home.

Now obviously, there are caveats to some of the discounts like not combining them all, but there are plenty of deals to choose from – one to fit every preference.

Eco-Friendly Flooring Maintenance

The great thing about eco-friendly flooring choices is that the maintenance is easy too. For instance, if you choose natural stone, it simply needs sweeping, then mopping with regular soap and water. There are no harsh chemicals that need to be used and stains are removed easily depending on the type. For example, oil-based stains are cleaned gently with a soft liquid cleanser, household detergent, ammonia, mineral spirits, or acetone.

Eco-friendly Flooring maintenance

For maintenance on eco-friendly tile, the cleaning methods are similar. Keep it swept from debris, and clean it with regular soap and water. If you need to clean the grout area, a simple solution of a baking soda paste and water is ideal.

Breathtaking Deals on Environmentally Friendly Flooring Only at Express Flooring

We also provide amazing deals and here are a few examples:

  • Have your new flooring installed by Christmas or it’s free.
  • Save up to 73% on in-stock flooring.
  • Get $500 off for your old flooring when you purchase new flooring.
  • Save up to 30% when you request a quote online.
  • Get a free cleaning kit with every purchase and for pet owners, a free gift for your pet.
  • Senior Citizens discounts, public service workers, teachers, and government discounts available.
  • Save up to 71% on pet-resistant flooring.
  • Get a vacation cruise certificate with installed flooring purchase.
  • We move your furniture for free.
  • Lifetime installation warranty

If you’re ready to make the first step in a greener living space, contact us for a free estimate so we can show you how we can help. We will not only make your living space beautiful but also offer your choices on green flooring.

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