Your Ultimate Guide To FloorScore And Why It’s Important

Keeping your home in excellent shape can be a daunting task, particularly when it comes to your floors. They experience more wear and tear than about anything else in your home, especially if you have kids or pets. Once you’ve decided to buy new flooring, you can drive yourself crazy considering what type to buy and how much to spend. You have to worry about price, quality and durability. You also want your choice to be a healthy one.

Some flooring comes with chemical emissions that can harm your family’s health. Trying to choose products that meet all your needs can keep you up at night and make you wonder if concrete is the answer. That’s why you need professional help. The floor experts at Express Flooring can help you make the right style decisions and steer you toward FloorScore certified flooring brands that are guaranteed to have low levels of potentially harmful chemicals.


Many consumers never consider whether their flooring is healthy or not. In the past, you may have looked only for affordable, attractive materials that would enhance the look of your home. Unfortunately, some flooring contains high levels of chemicals that can cause health problems and low quality of indoor air. That’s why you should choose FloorScore certified products.

FloorScore for flooring

FloorScore is a certification program for flooring manufacturers that prove they are in compliance with California standards for “indoor air emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) with potential health effects.” In other words, the program ensures that flooring does not cause a high level of harmful chemical emissions. The program is conducted independently and participation in it is totally voluntary. The California standards are used because they are more stringent than those enforced in some other states.

The Resilient Floor Covering Institute (RFCI) controls the program and works with Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) to identify testing samples, conduct inspections, and review test results. The process is transparent and uses a number of safeguards to guarantee accuracy. The FloorScore program is carefully administered so that you can trust their certifications.

Resilient Floorcovering Institute

The system tests for various emissions, including formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is a known carcinogen for those exposed to it at high levels. At lower levels, it can cause respiratory problems, particularly in the very young and the elderly. People with asthma and COPD cannot afford to be exposed to any significant formaldehyde level or they risk exacerbating their chronic breathing conditions. Keeping emissions levels low helps prevent unnecessary health problems in the general population as well.

Organizations that advocate green living endorse FloorScore as a positive way to protect the environment as well as individuals. The program is recognized by a number of programs, including BREEAM Green Globes, ASHRAE/USGBC/EIS, USGBC’s LEED Rating Systems, NAHB Green Building Standard and more. These programs have excellent reputations when it comes to environmental standards.

Flooring brands that are FloorScore certified include Shaw, Armstrong, Mohawk and Mannington, all quality brands that are sold and installed by Express Flooring. When you choose FloorScore products, you do not sacrifice quality or design in order to be healthy.

Breeam, Green Globes, Leeds, and NAHB Certification

You need to carefully consider all the materials that you have installed in your home. Indoor air quality is essential to good health and a comfortable living environment. FloorScore is an excellent way to ensure that your new flooring meets stringent emission standards so that you and your family do not unnecessarily breathe in potentially harmful chemicals at high levels.

Express Flooring

Express Flooring removes the stress from your flooring decisions by delivering expert service and quality products. We also offer you beautiful flooring that is certified by FloorScore, so you do not have to worry about introducing high levels of chemicals into your home. Express Flooring delivers the best in-home flooring sales shopping experience in the Phoenix and Tucson metro areas, serving thousands of satisfied Arizona residents.

Express Flooring is a locally-owned and operated flooring company headquartered at 4110 West Washington Street. Phoenix Arizona 85009. Since we are an in-home sales company, we do not sell at our location. Instead, our professionally trained design consultants bring large flooring samples to your home. That way, you can see which flooring complements the rest of your decor during your free consultation. You don’t have to run back and forth from your home to the showroom to find the right color or design. You save time while making the best possible choice for your home. Once you have found the perfect flooring, we take care of the rest, using only licensed contractors to install our products.

Pet-friendly flooring

Choose flooring should not cause you anxiety. At Express Flooring, we make the experience as easy for you as possible by coming to your home armed with the best flooring products available. You can relax while our expert design consultants help you find the right flooring for your lifestyle.

If you are planning to purchase new flooring, contact our experts and schedule your free in-home consultation. Call 1-888-514-1625 or fill out a simple form on our website. Our design consultant will arrive within two hours of your selected time.

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