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Modern Kathy Ireland Carpets from Shaw Carpet

One of the quickest ways to transform your space from looking dull, dingy, and outdated to looking fresh, inviting, and cozy is to change your carpet. Not all carpet is created equal, though. If you're going to invest in new carpeting, make sure you choose a brand that will feel amazing underfoot, resist stains, and will look beautiful and springy for years to come. Kathy Ireland carpets meet all of these criteria!

Who is Kathy Ireland?

Before we go in-depth about Kathy Ireland carpets, you probably want to know who Kathy Ireland is! Kathy Ireland is a world-renowned model who was discovered by Elite Model Management while she was in high school. She has graced the covers of magazines including Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Forbes, Mademoiselle, and Sports Illustrated and appeared in TV shows and films. Kathy Ireland is beautiful and, now that she is not actively modeling, she works to bring consumers products that will beautify their homes: such as Kathy Ireland Carpets.

Professional Kathy Ireland Carpet Flooring

Kathy Ireland Carpet is Available in an Outstanding Palette of Modern Colors

Kathy Ireland professional carpets line features four styles available in an unbelievable assortment of color options. This diverse color palette is called Shades of America. One thing that distinguishes Shaw Kathy Ireland carpets from other carpets is the attention to detail Kathy has used to choose the available colors. From the deep shades like Safari Green and Bahama Blue to subdued shades like warm sand and coastal ivory, you can be certain to find a shade that reflects the latest design trends and looks amazing with your home's furniture and wall colors.

Multiple Cover Kathy Ireland Carpet

Kathy Ireland Carpet is Constructed to Withstand Kids, Pets, and Life

When a celebrity endorses a product and goes as far as putting their name on a product, you can be certain he or she has made certain that product is high quality. Peoples' feelings about the product will influence peoples' feelings about the celebrity! Kathy Ireland was smart to partner with Shaw Carpets for her line of flooring.

The Shaw flooring brand is known for quality, durability, and for continually making improvements to incorporate the most state-of-the-art technology and formulations. Shaw flooring options, including professional carpets from Shaw, are treated with a revolutionary R2X soil and stain resistance formula.

Life happens! Spills, pet accidents, tracked in mud … over time, carpet is subjected to life's accidents. Thanks to this revolutionary treatment, you can be relieved that when you choose Shaw carpet floors in your home, accidents don't have to turn into disasters. The R2X treatment means that with a bit of cleanup, the carpet fibers will release stain-causing materials so you can simply wipe them away.

Even Shaw's Carpet Backing is Crafted for Quality!

When you choose Shaw carpeting, there's more than meets the eye in terms of quality. Shaw's flexible SoftBac Platinum carpet backing system offers many benefits over traditional backings.

These include:

  • No wrinkles - guaranteed!
  • Unparalleled softness and flexibility
  • Stronger backing adhesive
  • Hidden seams
  • Reduced likelihood of seam peaking
  • Better flexibility during cold weather
  • Enhanced sound absorption and insulation capacity

The bottom line? These naked-to-the-eye improvements ensure that your Kathy Ireland carpet will feel comfortable to the touch and will retain that newly installed look for years to come.

Shaw Carpet Flooring

If you've ever shopped for flooring, you know that the quantity of options can be somewhat overwhelming. Even in the carpet category, you have options galore. You can be certain that Kathy Ireland carpets are some of the best carpets on the market. Period!

Why Choose Kathy Ireland Carpet Over Other Flooring Options?

When you're considering new flooring, you may be weighing the pros and cons of carpeting, hardwoods, tile, laminate, and vinyl flooring. You can stay organized by using carpets, because unlike hard floors, items will not slip, slide, bounce and become lost if you drop them on carpet.

Carpet is also one of the best flooring options if you want to create a warm, cozy ambiance. It is also ideal for living rooms and bedrooms where it's nice to have something soft underfoot. If care for the floors is one of you concerns about carpet, just be careful to choose a high-end product such as Shaw's Kathy Ireland line, which is stain-resistant.

Stain Resistant Carpet

Kathy Ireland carpet is available in styles including frieze, Berber, and low- and high-pile carpets. By combining cut pile and looped carpet formulations, Shaw's carpets are available in a wide variety of heights and textures.

Why Choose Express Flooring for Your Carpet Needs?

Besides our outstanding selection of carpeting (as well as all other types of flooring), our prices are equally outstanding. If you're hesitant to upgrade your flooring because you assume it will be too expensive, you'll be pleasantly surprised to learn about Express Flooring carpet deals and specials that cannot be beaten.

Equally as exciting as our huge selection of products and special deals is our revolutionary approach to flooring sales.

If you’re like most people, your life is jam-packed with work, family obligations and countless appointments with little time for yourself. With all of the stuff going on in your life, you don’t have time to drive all over town shopping for flooring, taking samples home to see it in your home, in your lighting, next to your décor, etc. Then you factor in the time needed to find a company that will install it and schedule a time for them to come out when they can fit it in their schedule.

Forget all of that hassle and headache! We bring the store to your door! There is no need to spend your evenings and weekends shopping for carpet at various stores. Call us, and we will bring carpet samples to your home. We'll also measure your space and give you a free in-home estimate. Then, when your ready, we'll schedule your carpet installation with a qualified, vetted installer. Call us today to get started!

Working with us is a simple four-step process.

  1. Call us. Tell us the type of floor you want and the color and space, etc. in order to schedule your free in-home appointment.
  2. Meet Our Design Consultant and Select Your Flooring
  3. We Measure the Area and Provide a Quote For Material AND Installation
  4. If You Love Everything, Then We Can Install It The Next Day!

You may even qualify for a fantastic Vacation Getaway!

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