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Carpet FAQ


Answers to important carpet FAQ

Carpet flooring has some very specific requirements if you expect it to reach its full lifespan potential. We answer a lot of questions about this floor covering, so we’d like to offer answers to some of the most frequently asked carpet questions here today.If you have further questions, feel free to visit us and speak with one of our associates personally.

Can I have a carpet if I have pets?

There are some great options in carpet flooring for pet owners. Be sure to ask about materials that have stain and odor protection built right into the carpet fibers themselves, for the utmost protection. It's much better for your family's health than chemical stain-resistant additives you can add after installation and it lasts much longer too.

Will it matter if I skip the underpadding and just have carpet only installed?

Carpet requires an underpadding for the best results. We understand that it can seem more beneficial, especially if you are on a budget, to just leave it out. But doing so can cause balding, excessive and premature wear and large worn spaces where traffic is the heaviest. Be sure that adding the underpadding may cost more initially, but it will save you money over time with a much longer lifespan and tons more comfort.

Do fiber choices matter on carpet floors?

Fiber variety gives you the option to choose carpet floors that best meet your needs. For instance, you wouldn’t want to install wool in areas that are highly traveled or prone to any kind of dampness. Nylon and polyester are excellent choices for busy spaces, as they are better resistant to traffic and stains. You can choose different fibers for different rooms for the best result in whole-home flooring.

What can I do about the static in my carpet flooring?

Static happens most often when humidity is low. The charge builds up as you walk across the floors and provides a “shock” if you touch another person or something metal. To combat this, try a humidifier or some of the products that are available commercially for this very purpose.

Can I install the carpet myself?

We strongly recommend that homeowners make use of the professional installation services that we offer. If you have former carpet installation experience, you should have no problem, but the number of required special tools and the amount of experience necessary for a great installation often causes problems for the inexperienced DIY installer.

For more information, give us a call! We serve the greater areas of Arizona, Texas, Las Vegas, & New Mexico and we look forward to serving you too.