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Carpet FAQs

Carpet FAQs

Welcome to our frequently asked questions about carpet! Let's "unravel" why carpets are a hit among homeowners (pun intended). 

Carpet has become the unsung heroes of flooring, appreciated for their straightforward blend of comfort and practicality. From carpet's cozy underfoot feel to the wide palette of colors and patterns that let you customize your space, carpet strikes a balance between style and functionality. Dive into our FAQs to understand why carpet is a go-to choice for those who want a comfy, low-maintenance flooring solution that is pet-friendly, stain resistant, and effortlessly ties a room together. 

Carpet comes in an almost limitless array of colors, patterns, and materials. Frieze? Loop? Plush? Sculptured? Which color will go best with your décor and wall colors? Which material is best for pets or high traffic areas? How thick a pad do you need? Which style is on trend at the moment? 

Absolutely NOT! Design Consultations are completely free and whether you choose to work with Express Flooring or not, there is no obligation or high-pressure sales tactics. 

For many reasons, Polyester has several advantages. Polyester carpeting is inherently stain resistant, and it definitely outperforms both nylon and wool in this regard. Additionally, polyester carpeting is very soft and significantly less expensive than either nylon or wool. 

Where previous generations of polyester carpets had poor resiliency and tended to matte or crush in heavy traffic areas, new technology has improved the performance of polyester carpet substantially, and we work with top manufacturers, who have options that fit the needs of any household.

Carpeting involves more than one might think! The area, pad, prep, the carpet itself… there is a lot to consider when pricing a carpeting project. Express Flooring makes it easy by guiding you through the process and providing homeowners with one complete price for the project, taking care of all the details. Our goal is to ensure that your carpet is perfect for your home, your family, and your budget! 

We absolutely can! In fact, Express Flooring is known for its award-winning process. First, we bring samples to your home, so you can determine the aesthetic you are looking for in your lighting, next to your décor, and in the actual space the carpet will be installed. Next, we review all the details, take measurements, and make sure your comprehensive price includes every detail. Be sure to ask about our free furniture moving, lifetime installation warranty, and commercial overstock program! 

Depending on the size of the project, the current flooring that is being taken out, and a few other factors, your timeline can vary. That said, we’re called Express Flooring for a reason! Most installations can be completed in as little as one day! 

Carpet manufacturers have different instructions for their products and recommendations will generally prolong the longevity of your carpet. To keep carpet warranties in effect, manufacturers require professional cleaning at least once every 12 months from the date of installation. That said, the materials and type of carpet you choose for a particular room in your home is extremely important. Our Design Consultants will not only help you choose the perfect type of carpet for your home, but they will teach you how to maintain that carpet, so that you can enjoy it for years to come. 

Yes, Express Flooring offers a lifetime installation warranty on all flooring projects! 

Padding can play just as much of a role in the comfort and feel of your carpet as the carpet itself! Express Flooring has proprietary padding options that no other flooring company can offer. We have created premium padding for our customers so that you know that what is under your carpet is just as high quality as the carpet and its installation. 

Yes, we certainly will! Carpet removal is included in every project, and we’ll make sure your carpet is disposed of correctly, to minimize the environmental impact. 

Express Flooring offers free furniture moving! While other companies charge to move furniture, expect you to do the back breaking work yourself, or require that you hire movers… we do all the heavy lifting and just ask that you disconnect electronics and move fragile items to a safe location during the install. 

Express Flooring takes great pride in making your new flooring project as easy as possible. We will move all your furniture, prep the area, and remove any old flooring. All that we ask is that you disconnect electronics, move fragile items, and make sure pets are secured. Leave the rest to us! 

Our Design Consultants are carefully trained to measure every project accurately to give the most precise pricing possible. We factor in the layout, patterns, and transitions so that your new carpet is installed perfectly, with the least amount of waste possible. 

Confusing “additional charges” annoy us as much as the homeowners we serve. This is exactly why we’ve eliminated these charges and give you one, affordable price for the entire project. 

We do! Modern polyester carpet fibers are made from recycled materials, up to 100% in some cases. There are thousands of colors, patterns, and materials available. While eco-friendly carpet materials are certainly available, the most eco-friendly option is purchasing a quality carpet that will last, instead of needing to be replaced over and over again. This is precisely why we offer affordable and premium carpeting options to all our customers. 

Absolutely! We bring large samples to your home during your free design consultation. Not only can you touch and feel samples… in most cases you can walk on them! 

Any home improvement project can experience unforeseen problems. Our installation teams are true craftsmen, who rarely see something they haven’t run into before. First, be aware that if there is a problem, that we will address it the right way and not just cover it up. We also have a very responsive customer service team that will work with you and the installation team to find a solution and communicate with you every step of the way. 

Yes, Express Flooring has promotions throughout the year, especially when inventory levels are high, or during times of the year when we can save our customers money by purchasing popular materials in bulk. We also have discounts available for Military Families, Teachers, Seniors, and Existing Customers. 

It’s rather simple actually. Please give our office a call or fill out a form on this website and we’ll reach out to you. Scheduling a free design consultation takes a few minutes and we’re happy to accommodate any schedule.