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Looking for the best options in hardwood flooring? Express Flooring has what you need at prices you want. Our amazing stock of hardwood flooring has a good environmental profile, is durable and, of course, offers a splendid look. We provide solid hardwood floors and engineered hardwood flooring with extra long length planks. Our hardwood flooring comes with a finish appropriate for any room or setting in your Chandler home or business space.

Hardwood has been a hugely popular choice for flooring throughout time because of its look and quality. Hardwood can change the look and feel of any room, making it a perfect choice. The warm feel of hardwood flooring is unmatched and stands the test of time versus any modern flooring options.

Express Flooring deals with a huge variety of hardwood flooring from the top brands for residential and commercial clientele in Chandler. We also provide our clients with unmatched online specials on all of our hardwood floorings in Chandler. We offer a free in-home estimate and next day installation on our elite collection. Our flooring services are guaranteed and long-lasting.

Contact us today or explore our website to contact us and schedule your in-home estimate or to ask any questions.

Finding the Perfect Hardwood Flooring and Services in Chandler, AZ

Hardwood flooring gives homes and businesses a lovely look that never goes out of style. Chandler residents and business owners looking for the perfect hardwood flooring options can count on Express Flooring. We excel at giving our customers the exact products and services they need.

Hardwood Flooring in Chandler, AZ

Chandler’s climate makes it a great place for hardwood flooring. On average, the area gets fewer than 15 days of rain per year. Getting low amounts of precipitation helps keep hardwood floors in excellent condition.

People who live in rainy areas often have to take precautionary measures to protect their hardwood floors from moisture. Many take their shoes off before going inside to avoid tracking water onto their wood floors. Others have to rely on sump pumps and other devices that prevent floodwater from damaging their floors.

Thanks to Chandler’s beautiful weather, homeowners don’t need to worry about protecting their new hardwood floors. Instead, they can expect the wood to last for decades without paying for frequent maintenance services.

Hardwood Refinishing Residences in Chandler

Over time, even the latest wood flooring options may need refinishing services. Hardwood refinishing is a multistep process that requires several materials and tools. Some steps in the refinishing process include:

  • Cleaning the floor’s surface to remove any dirt or debris
  • Using a sander to buff the floor and remove damaged parts of the wood
  • Applying a new floor finish to protect the hardwood floor from spills, pet accidents and scrapes

Since most people don’t want to go through the process of refinishing their hardwood floors, they rely on professionals to do the work for them. Express Flooring provides professional services and repairs that can extend the life of your floor.

How To Refinish Hardwood Flooring

Many experts recommend having floors refinished once every 10 years. How often you get your Chandler wood flooring refinished, however, depends on several factors. If you have a young child or pet in your home, then you may need more frequent services. Hardwood isn’t a great pet-resistant flooring, so messes could mean that you need to get your floor serviced more often. On the other hand, you may not need to refinish floors that rarely get used or have been cared for well.

Chandler residents can schedule service and repair appointments to learn more about their options. One of the experts at Express Flooring can help you determine whether you need hardwood refinishing.

Best Hardwood Floor Installers in Chandler, AZ

Becoming the best hardwood floor installer in Chandler is one of the ways that Express Flooring stands out from our competitors. We employ professionals who know how to install a wide range of wood flooring options, including domestic and exotic species.

Express Flooring offers next-day installation on all of the products we have in stock. As long as our warehouse has the type of flooring you want, we can install it the next day. A lot of flooring companies in the area make their customers wait several days or longer than a week. We want to offer more convenient services that keep our Chandler customers happy.

We ensure the professionalism of our installation services by giving every customer a lifetime installation warranty.

About Hardwood Flooring From Express Flooring, Chandler

Express Flooring buys directly from hardwood flooring manufacturers and distributors. This approach helps us keep our prices as low as possible while giving customers access to a wide range of options.

Some of the top-selling brands at Express Flooring include:

Having relationships with so many companies makes it possible for us to offer Chandler residents a huge variety of hardwood flooring options. Some of our favorite wood species include:

  • Brazilian cherry
  • Cherry
  • Maple
  • Oak

We also have wood floors that fall into different categories, such as:

  • Solid wood floors
  • Unfinished wood flooring
  • Prefinished hardwood
  • Engineered wood floors
  • Locking wood floors

Having so many options may make it seem difficult to choose a flooring option for your home or business. We solve that issue by bringing samples to your location so you can see exactly what each option looks like in your area. We can also offer recommendations based on your lifestyle and aesthetic preferences.

It’s our job to make it easy for all Chandler customers to choose hardwood floors that they will love for decades to come.

What Express Flooring Specializes In

Express Flooring specializes in helping Arizona residents and businesses find flooring options that match their needs perfectly. We reach this goal in a variety of ways. Some of the things that bring customers to Express Flooring include:

  • We move furniture for free when installing hardwood flooring.
  • We offer a lifetime installation warranty.
  • We have a wide range of hardwood floors, including exotic and domestic species.
  • We have a collection of the latest wood flooring options from the world’s top manufacturers.
  • We offer no-interest financing for qualifying customers.
  • We sell Chandler wood flooring at direct warehouse prices.
  • We bring a large collection of wood flooring options to your location to help you decide which one you love most.
  • We have frequent discounts for customers who buy wood flooring online.
  • We provide complimentary decorating advice to make homes and businesses look their best.

Contact Express Flooring today to schedule an appointment with one of our representatives. We'll reach out to you within 24 hours to confirm your appointment.

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