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Discount Vinyl Flooring Stores In Chandler, AZ

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Vinyl flooring is a fantastic option when searching for new flooring or updating your old floors. With years of expertise in flooring, Express Flooring offers an unmatched collection of vinyl flooring for residents of Chandler.

Express Flooring takes customers' flooring needs with the utmost pride and care. We provide vinyl flooring with unique and quality designs from the top brands and manufacturers. Vinyl flooring is highly useful for places like restaurants, hotels, schools, and homes with high foot traffic because it is stain-resistant and easy to clean. Vinyl is also durable and can be renovated easily.

Express Flooring provides superb quality vinyl planks in Chandler and throughout Arizona. Our vinyl planks add style to your interior and last a long time. We have incredible online offers that help decide to purchase vinyl flooring that much easier.

Express Flooring also offers a free in-home estimate to answer any questions for the free estimates on your selection. We also provide next day installation for our in-stock products and lifetime free installation warranty.

Choosing Vinyl Flooring Options for Chandler, AZ Homes and Businesses

Vinyl flooring has improved dramatically over the last few decades. In the 1980s, vinyl flooring often looked cheap and artificial. Today, the best brands sold at discount vinyl stores have realistic designs that mimic the look of natural materials such as hardwood and stone. Chandler residents who haven’t explored vinyl flooring recently should learn more about the benefits of this affordable option.

Vinyl Flooring in Chandler, AZ

Vinyl is a popular flooring option for Chandler homes and businesses. Many people choose vinyl flooring because they like its affordable price, durability and water resistance. It’s also a great pet-resistant flooring that doesn’t stain when animals have accidents indoors. That quality also makes it useful for parents with young children who spill liquids.

Vinyl comes in a wide range of styles. Chandler residents can choose vinyl sheets, planks and tiles. Many of the planks have surprisingly realistic wood prints.

Popular places for vinyl flooring include:

  • Kitchens
  • Basements
  • Bathrooms
  • Mudrooms
  • Hobby rooms

Homeowners will benefit from installing vinyl flooring in any room with high levels of moisture. Vinyl sheeting is especially good at protecting subfloors from water. Since the vinyl comes in large sheets, it doesn’t have many seams where water can seep through.

Vinyl planks and tiles also work well. Having a professional install planks and tiles can help maximize their water-resistant properties.

A lot of Chandler residents like that vinyl flooring stays cool, even on hot days. Walking barefoot on a vinyl floor is a terrific way to cool off during one of Chandler’s hot summer days.

Why Choose Express Flooring for Vinyl Flooring

Express Flooring goes the extra mile to make sure we’re the best discount vinyl store in Chandler. We keep a wide selection of products in stock so homeowners and businesses can have their vinyl floors installed quickly. In fact, we offer next-day installation for vinyl flooring in Chandler. As long as we have the product in our warehouse, we will install it the following day.

Other reasons that residents and businesses in Chandler choose Express Flooring include:

  • No-interest financing for qualifying customers.
  • Frequent discounts for customers who purchase vinyl flooring online.
  • Free in-home estimates without any hidden fees.
  • Warehouse direct pricing that makes new floors affordable.
  • Free furniture moving.
  • Complimentary decorating advice.
  • Our lifetime installation warranty.

Vinyl Installation Services From Express Flooring

Vinyl is one of the easiest flooring options to install. Some people choose to do the job without professional help. Express Flooring offers such affordable installation services, though, that it makes sense for Chandler residents to rely on our professionals to do the job perfectly.

Our installation process varies depending on the type of vinyl flooring customers choose. No matter which vinyl flooring options you choose, however, we offer next-day installation for all products that we have in stock.

Some of the most important steps for installing sheet vinyl flooring include:

  • Taking accurate measurements of the floor.
  • Cleaning the subfloor to create a flat, smooth surface.
  • Cutting the vinyl sheet to match the floor’s specific dimensions.
  • Applying adhesive that will hold the vinyl in place.
  • Attaching the cut vinyl sheet to the floor.

Installing vinyl planks and tiles requires a slightly different approach. Some of the steps that our experienced employees follow when installing vinyl planks and tiles include:

  • Preparing the subfloor by cleaning and sanding it to create a perfectly flat surface.
  • Trimming door jambs and casings so the vinyl flooring can slide underneath them.
  • Cutting planks and tiles so they cover the entire floor without leaving any gaps.
  • Staggering the plank seams to create a realistic wood look.
  • Connecting the planks and carefully tapping them under door jambs and molding.

Unlike some discount vinyl stores that cut corners to save money, we care about giving our Chandler customers the best installation services possible. We’re so certain that our employees will do a good job that we offer a lifetime installation warranty.

Install Sheet Vinyl Flooring

Chandler residents can schedule appointments online to learn more about our vinyl flooring options and next-day installation. Our representatives reply to all inquiries within 24 hours.

Vinyl Flooring Products From Express Flooring

Express Flooring has a warehouse full of vinyl flooring options, including sheet vinyl flooring, vinyl tiles and vinyl planks flooring. We work with some of the country’s best manufacturers and distributors to make sure our Chandler customers have access to the products they want for their floors.

Some of the top-selling brands sold at Express Flooring are:

Each of these companies makes unique vinyl flooring products, so it makes sense for Chandler residents to explore as many options as possible.

Free In-Home Estimate for Flooring Products

Express Flooring makes it as easy as possible for Chandler residents and businesses to choose the best vinyl flooring for their needs. We start by bringing a collection of vinyl flooring products to your location.

When customers to come to our store, they often have a hard time imagining what specific vinyl planks, sheets and tiles will look like in their homes. We solve that problem by bringing samples to your home or business, where you can get a better idea of what each product will look like once we’ve installed it.

Schedule an appointment online to learn more about vinyl flooring in Chandler. We accept evening and weekend appointments to meet the needs of people with busy schedules. One of our representatives will reply to your message within 24 hours. That’s just one more way that we show how much we value our customers.

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