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Commercial Flooring

Commercial Flooring And Services For You

Hospitality and commercial businesses continue to grow, as does the need for commercial flooring that keeps things fresh and competitive. This means that products must meet specific goals, such as excellent performance and a long lifespan, which are critical components of any commercial grade floor covering. Now, more than ever before, you’ll find plenty of options for any space that needs to be floored, so here are some facts to consider.

Each Commercial Flooring Space Is Different

To keep up with the increased demand for great floor coverings in commercial settings, we offer more than broadloom and other options, which still tend to dominate many areas. Instead, you can now take advantage of stunning choices in commercial vinyl flooring, which offers plenty of benefits for any room. Impressive visuals that mimic solid hardwood, outstanding performance, and waterproof protection are just a few of the reasons business owners are switching to this popular hard surface floor covering, and you can too.

Commercial tile has also seen a rise in popularity, especially since they are easy to install, maintain, and replace. Commercial-grade durability means you’ll see fewer scratches, stains, and fading, but you'll also appreciate the fact that they are entirely allergy-free as well. And with a lifespan that can surpass more than 50 years, you will certainly save money over time with these materials.

Whichever floor covering you choose, we’ll make sure your commercial spaces are in good hands. We have a history of working with commercial locations such as retail, hospitals, office buildings, and hotels, and we’ll be happy to work with you in your space. Be sure to contact us for a consultation to decide how to move forward as we work together for your perfect commercial flooring.

We Offer Commercial Flooring You Can Stand On

When you work with Express Flooring, you’ll find that our mobile showroom covers New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas, with emphasis on the greater areas of Phoenix and Tucson, AZ, San Antonio and Austin, TX, as well as Las Vegas, NV. We invite you to contact us today to discuss the many commercial flooring options available to you. Our team will be sure to offer outstanding options and services for any need you have, or any remodel size.

We work specifically to create solutions for all your spaces, including hallways, corridors, dining rooms, and guest rooms, to name a few. With a wealth of materials to choose from, you're sure to find the best options. Let us know whether you prefer commercial carpet, vinyl, or wood, and we’ll bring samples to get you started.

Commercial Flooring Services

Hotel & Hospitality

Hotels, Bars, Tourist Places and other hospitality facilities are places where there is high foot traffic. First impression is the best impression you can create in the minds of your customers.

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Property Management

We can help you replace Carpet, Tile, Laminate, Hardwood, Stone, and Vinyl Flooring in your properties with quality commercial-grade products from leading manufacturers to improve their presentation and increase their desirability – at a price you can afford.

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Our commercial flooring products will help you create the right look, and meet commercial-grade standards that deliver high performance at prices that are surprisingly affordable.

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We help you select all types of Commercial Grade Flooring products that offer the easiest maintenance, highest performance and most durability for your budget.

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Community Centers

For sports and recreation facilities, convention halls, civic and community centers, and places of worship, we offer high-performance Commercial Flooring solutions to accommodate any budget.

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Health Care

For medical or healthcare office flooring needs, such as examination and procedure rooms, hallways and common areas, our vast line of commercial flooring types offer a wide array of Laminate, Vinyl and Tile.

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New Construction

Using the perfect flooring material for your new home, office or construction project can increase the visual appeal and make a lot of difference.

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Assisted Living

For special needs, such as slip resistance and water resistant flooring options for examination and procedure rooms, hallways and common areas, our vast line of commercial flooring offer a wide array of Laminate, Vinyl and Tile.

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We strive to accommodate all working conditions, working around your normal business hours, with the least amount of disruption possible. Our specialist will help you determine what your retail space requires, hard surface flooring or the look and feel of carpet, or a combination of both.

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Commercial Flooring Options


Carpet Flooring provides homeowners with maximum comfort, warmth, softness, and durability. As a result, carpet is much quieter than any other flooring. We would like to show you how today’s carpet textures, styles and colors blend well with any type of home decor.

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Carpet Tile

Combining the performance and look of carpet with the utility of modular tiles, carpet tiles are a flexible, and increasingly green, option for flooring. They can be used anywhere you’d want area rugs or carpet and can be installed in minutes, or even replaced one at a time. 

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Ceramic tile is a natural product made from a mixing clays and minerals creating an easy to care for surface that makes it great for floors.

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Hardwood flooring will add elegance and natural charm to any room in your home. Hardwood is visually warmer and radiates an aura of warmth and friendliness within your home. 

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Natural stone is a dramatic and unique way to accent any environment. Stone floors are practical and easy to maintain. They will continue to look good or even improve with age. 

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Offering numerous designs, vinyl commercial flooring is designed to coordinate with any style or decor imaginable. Vinyl flooring is available in all visual flooring options including tile, stone, hardwood, concrete, and is even offered in plank sizes for increased visual presentations. 

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Vinyl Composition Tile – more commonly known as VCT, provides safety features of slip-retardant flooring. It’s constructive style is great for function, design, durability, and quick repair. VCT eco-friendly flooring options are great for those with limited budgets.

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Providing seamless, impervious design and functionality, epoxy flooring prevents dirt and bacteria from penetrating. The more coats you apply, the smoother it’s surface gets. 

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Do you want the beautiful appearance of a real hardwood floor but with exceptional performance that will holdup from the wear and tear from kids, pets, and spills? Laminate flooring is the answer many flooring shoppers have found. 

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Specialty projects may range from home and garden, wall options, outdoor patios to swimming pools. Whatever the need, desired style, or functional use, let our flooring experts provide feedback and guidance to achieve the look you want. 

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