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Concrete Coating

The Best Defense For Your Garage Floor

Coating your garage floor goes beyond aesthetics, offering enhanced durability. These protective layers shield against oil stains, chemical spills, and traffic-related wear, prolonging the floor's life. Cleaning becomes simpler as the coating prevents substances from penetrating the concrete, facilitating easy cleanup.

Additionally, a garage floor coating enhances safety with anti-slip properties, ensuring secure footing in damp or oily conditions. This is crucial in a garage prone to spills, reducing accident risks and creating a safer workspace. The added traction makes it an ideal investment for homeowners using their garage for various activities, from automotive maintenance to DIY projects.

A coated garage floor not only improves safety but also enhances aesthetics, creating a visually appealing and cohesive space. With various coating options, homeowners can transform the garage into an inviting and organized extension of their home. 

Coating your Garage Floor with Express Flooring's proprietary process won't just protect your concrete floor, it'll protect your budget as well! Take advantage of our promotion and save up to $749 on your new coated garage floor!

Garage Concrete Coating FAQs

We offer the best combination of epoxy + polyaspartic for residential garages only. 

Enjoy your beautiful looking floor that is extremely easy to clean. Concrete garage floors hold dust and show every drip, leak, and tire mark. There is no easy way to clean a concrete garage floor and you create a lot of dust when you do. With our garage coating system, the dust is repelled, and cleaning is as simple as Windex and paper towel. We have customers that even turn their garages into an extra entertainment room for neighbors and relatives. 

We expose and then we mend the cracks. Some of the cracks are visible before we do our concrete grinding. Other cracks will become visible during grinding. Also, broken, and chipped concrete is mended as well. Our mender is stronger than concrete itself and after applying our mender, we sand smoothly and reshape broken pieces back to original condition. With our coating system you will not see any of the mending we performed. 

“1-Day DONE RIGHT” is our motto.

Our name is on our products. If there is ever a problem, we accept full responsibility to immediately fix and make right while our competition will point fingers at their suppliers and their suppliers point fingers back at them as to where the failure resides.

More important is the training and certification of our employee installation team. Superior product, plus exceptional installation, leads to successful project outcomes. This is why we can offer a lifetime warranty and were the first in our industry to offer transfer of that warranty.


We start with complete non-invasive testing for moisture in the concrete, pH content, and hardness. This is our standard operational procedure before profiling the concrete and mending cracks, chips, and broken pieces of the floor.

We treat your garage as if it were our own as we protect your surfaces from our equipment and our coatings.

Then we evaluate again before applying our Base Command Epoxy coat. We expand these tests to include surface and ambient temperature as well as dew point and relative humidity.

We apply our epoxy with precision combined with a healthy full broadcast of your select chip type and color. We allow for ample drying (1-3 hours) before we scrape and remove loose chips before applying our topcoat polyaspartic.

We protect your surfaces again. We conduct another set of quality control tests and then apply our Top Command with precision.

We also anticipate any weather that can compromise your finished surface and protect that surface from rain and dust exposure during its immediate cure.

Absolutely as every garage floor should be! Competitors tout using nothing but polyaspartic but that is for their benefit, not for the customer.

Why Express Flooring Base Command Epoxy vs. polyaspartic as a base coat? ALL concrete holds moisture. Moisture leads to moisture vapor pressure, and it only takes around 3psi of that pressure to lift ALL polyaspartics. Our Base Command MV9 Epoxy resists up to 9psi. We offer 300% better moisture tolerance, and our epoxy is far superior in comprehensive and tensile strength too.

Our Top Command Coat is our supreme polyaspartic and that is how polyaspartic should be – as the topcoat because of its high UV fade, chemical, hot tire, and scratch resistance.

The Express Flooring Garage Floor system gives you the best epoxy base coat and superior polyaspartic topcoat how they are originally meant to be.

79,000 lb. of raw steel tank tough! Nobody has ever dared to attempt this, and we proudly share the video footage to prove we achieved such success. 

Yes, and it was 79,000 lbs. on steel “V-notched” shaped tracks. NO COATING HAS EVER DONE SUCH A TEST! No coating system measures up to what we are able to provide our customers. 

We stand behind “1-Day Done Right.” If preparation or weather-related issues develop, we will not cut corners. We will install your floor the right way and provide a warranty for life. 

We have twelve extremely attractive color finishes. Our Polished Concrete chip line is very new to the market giving you the look of polished concrete without any visibility of cracks, repair fillers, and superior slip resistance. Our Stone Transitions chip line has striations in the chips yield a more natural stone-like finish. This too is very new to the market. Our Tradition chip line is what has been common to the garage floor coatings market for decades. 

Wear and care are always factors for any installed coating. But because of our proven system coupled with the details in monitoring and testing we do throughout our meticulous installation; we have ample reason to stand behind our lifetime warranty and we were the first in the industry to offer the transfer of warranty from homeowner to homeowner. 

Our lifetime warranty is genuine. Seems like companies are all offering a warranty of some kind. But a warranty is only as good as the company that offers it. If a company is small, a brief time in business, or does not have its own name on its own product, just how good is their warranty?

Express Flooring is a growing company that has been around for 25 years and will be around for decades to come.

Absolutely. Our Design Consultants will bring all our actual samples to your home so you can select the type and color you love the most. 

We have made this so easy. In fact, we provide an Easy-Care Guide for our customers. Our polyaspartic topcoat has incredible chemical and hot tire resistance. When you do see if a leak from your vehicle or spill, typically just a paper towel and Windex is all you need. If you wish to wash the floor periodically, we recommend a pH neutral cleaner available at most stores 

Absolutely, and we conduct tests throughout the installation. All coatings react to ambient and surface temperatures as well as dew point and relative humidity. 

The Express Garage Floor System is extremely low in odor and engineered to be extremely low in fumes and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) for the safety of our crew and our customers. 

Not the way we do it. Our goal is dust free. In fact, your garage will be cleaner after we leave than before we started. We accomplish this with diligence and the HEPA filter dust free systems we use. 

None. Your garage door will function fully, the same as it did before 

Absolutely. We have a variety of finance options for any budget. 

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