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Express Flooring is Your Arizona Based Flooring Company Providing Non-Toxic And Environmentally Sustainable Flooring Options.

At Express Flooring you can get all types of High-Quality Environmentally sustainable flooring options at unbelievable prices. We're also having a unique collection of Eco-Friendly floorings to showcase to our customers at their doorsteps.


Floors that use renewable and recycled material

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    Get high-quality, Eco-Friendly flooring at Express Flooring.

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    Express Flooring Eco-Friendly floorings are Green Guard Certified.

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    Express Flooring Eco-Friendly floorings are LEED Certified.

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    Express Flooring Eco-Friendly Flooring is Floorscore Certified.

Go Green! Eco-Friendly Flooring

Green is the way to go, even when it comes to the flooring option you select for your home.

Why Sustainable Flooring

Environmental Responsibility

A lot of people are going green to help save the planet and create better living conditions for their children. One of the ways to help do your part is with eco-friendly sustainable flooring options. In the past, eco-friendly flooring options may have been seen as boring, sterile floors made out of bland materials. That is no longer the case.

According to Freshome:

As more and more designers are seeking out eco-friendly materials for their environmentally savvy clients, manufacturers have stepped up and given the design world many beautiful options to pick from. Now there are eco-friendly sustainable flooring options that look desirable, are design savvy, and cost effective. Here are a few of the top choices, what makes them green, and some of the pros and cons. Each of these flooring types gives you a lot of options in making it work with your personal aesthetic.

Sustainable Flooring

Customer Reviews & Ratings

Shaw Green Edge Environmental Initiative
Revolutionary 100 Percent Recyclable Alternative to Traditional Carpet

Ceramic, Glass, and Porcelain Flooring

Ceramic and Porcelain Flooring

All these types of flooring are sustainable. According to Home Advisor:

In fact, ceramic, glass, and porcelain flooring tiles are green to start with. This is because they are moisture resistant, long lasting, and manufactured greener. This is when compared to many other flooring options. Furthermore, they offer homeowners many easy options for turning them even greener. Last but not least, ceramic, porcelain, and glass tile flooring options allow you to go green without placing a big strain on your budget.


The reason that ceramic tile (and other similar flooring) is organic is because of the natural ingredients used. For instance, ceramic tile uses sand, clay, feldspar, water, and quartz. No volatile compounds or other chemicals are added to create ceramic tile flooring. Daltile and some other brands even use recycled tile to make it even more sustainable of a product.


Glass flooring uses recycled crushed glass. Porcelain flooring is green because it does not contain VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). It is low maintenance and has a long life cycle.


All of these choices have durability and can last for decades when treated right. So, not only do you get a flooring choice that is made naturally, but some are even made from recycled products as well. This is like a double shot of sustainability and eco-friendly production.

Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Eco- Friendly Reclaimed Hardwood:

Reclaimed wood flooring is one of the Eco-friendly flooring options. In general, reclaimed wood comes from sources like military structures, boxcars, old warehouses and more.


Reclaimed wood flooring is quite expensive than other wood floorings because it requires extra labor to retrieve the wood. If you can afford this cost, then reclaimed wood is the best Eco-friendly flooring option.


It always keeps the wood from all the landfill, rotting, and other aspects. Reclaimed hardwood can be easily recycled, and it meets the criteria of LEED Certification as well. So, this is definitely one of the best Eco-friendly options.

Specific Hardwood Flooring Choices

Dark Wood Floors

While traditional hardwood isn't considered sustainable, reclaimed hardwood is. You can also choose salvaged wood flooring as a sustainable option. While these are flooring choices you may not be able to find as easily, one option for those who specifically want hardwood flooring is FSC certified.


This is a designation by the Forest Stewardship Council and they promote the responsible management of forests throughout the world with a focus on adhering to high social and environmental standards.


With these choices, you still have the hardwood you want, without resorting to choices that are not as green as you would like.


And keep in mind that hardwood flooring is an popular choice in flooring. While regular hardwood isn't what you would consider as being a green choice, these flooring choices give you options that have the best of both worlds.

Laminate Installation Service

Laminate Flooring

Laminate is a popular flooring option in this modern world. Most of the homeowners and business people are demanding more and more for laminate flooring options just because they love the Laminate Flooring. This flooring is also called as Floating wood tile floors in the USA.


Laminate Flooring is just a multi-layer flooring product which is combined with a lamination process. Laminate is always stimulated with a photographic layer under a protective layer.


This laminate flooring has the power to last longer for years with proper care. It costs lesser than most of the other flooring options, and it is easier to install as well.

Porcelain Tile Flooring

Eco-Friendly Porcelain Flooring:

Porcelain tile flooring is another excellent Eco-friendly flooring option. The porcelain is made up of green materials, and they definitely don't contain harmful VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds). So, porcelain always stands as the best Eco-friendly flooring option.


This porcelain tile flooring has low maintenance and has a longer life cycle. Apart from that it can be easily remodeled or recycled as well. So, this is one of the best-recycled tile options which you can use for floors.

Eco-Friendly Wool Carpet

Wool Carpet

While carpet has always been a popular choice for home flooring, some carpets of the past used inorganic compounds and toxins that were harmful. This has changed over the years. One type of carpet that is on the list of green products is wool carpet. Wool is a natural resource and is spun from the cut hair of sheep or llamas from New Zealand. This spun thread is dyed with any color that is possible and then made into carpeting. Wool carpet is very durable and can last for decades. In fact, some wool rugs have been passed on to heirs as family heirlooms.


Wool is also resistant to soiling, moisture, static, and fire, and has been shown to be less hospitable to dust mites than synthetic fibers, while trapping pollutants and keeping them out of the air for decades.


Wool isn't the only sustainable choice when it comes to carpet. In fact, choose cotton, jute, and sisal for other natural carpeting choices.

Carpet Padding Alternatives

Even the very pad that you use has green options.

As mentioned in Green Living Ideas:

Carpet pad made from recycled nylon carpets is also available. If these eco-friendly materials are tacked down instead of glued, the carpet installation process is considerably greener, while the carpet retains its look and its soft, sound-absorbing qualities.

P.E.T. Berber Carpet

Eco-Friendly Berber Carpet

Along with wool, cotton, jute, and sisal - P.E.T. berber carpet is an option for those who want eco-friendly carpeting. This is polyester berber and it is created out of recycled plastic bottles.

According to The Spruce:

Typically, the Berber fleck was found most often in looped styles of carpeting, and the term Berber began to be associated with looped carpet. As looped styles became more popular, the color choices became more varied, so that instead of being offered only in flecked or multi-colors, looped carpet came to be available in solid colors as well. However, the name Berber stuck, and so today the name most commonly refers to the looped style and not the color.


There are advantages and disadvantages to berber carpeting, just like with any form of flooring. One of the advantages is the cost. Usually, berber carpeting is less expensive than many other carpeting choices and cheaper than some of the other flooring options such as hardwood.


Another advantage is that there are flecks of color choices making it suitable for an array of home decor choices. It is also durable and spill resistant. The disadvantage is that it can snag due to the way it is looped.


When choosing berber carpet, you will get a longer lasting floor if you go with a more expensive choice. You can get cheaper berber carpet but if you want a carpet that is more durable, less prone to snags, and will last longer - at least get a mid-range version. In this case, price does matter and the more expensive berber will last you the longest in the long run.

Everstrand Carpet Flooring

Eco-friendly Bellera Carpets:

Bellera carpets from Shaw is another great Eco-friendly flooring option. This is a high-performance carpet from the professional Shaw floor manufacturer. This carpet provides stain & spill resistance, and it looks beautiful in the long run as well for years.


Bellera carpet always warms up the room, and it reduces the power bills with its natural insulation. Apart from that, it does not allow any VOC's. So, this is a good option if you are searching for the perfect carpet to install in your home.


Eco-friendly Everstrand Carpets:

Everstrand carpets from Mohawk is another great Eco-friendly flooring option in the carpet category. This is a high-performance carpet that starts clean and stays clean.


This premium PET polyester fiber (Polyethylene terephthalate) is thoroughly purified for the absolute cleanest strand and is easy to keep clean with its advanced soil and stain protection. And, with up to 100% recycled content, it's the world's most sustainable carpet. So you can have a super soft and warm carpet under your feet and also feel good about being environmentally conscious by recycling plastic.


This patented process developed by Mohawk takes premium PET from the highest-grade polymer in order to strengthen the carpet fiber. The process removes all of the dirt-attracting residues with an impressive multi-step purification system. For the finished carpet, you get unbeatable performance from a carpet that resists the dirt, grime, and residue that create a dingy appearance over time. This carpet also comes with a manufacturer’s lifetime stain, pet urine, and soil warranty.

Let Us Help You Choose

Eco-Friendly Carpets

Over the years as the population has taken notice of the need for renewable resources. Flooring is part of the equation where you can help create a greener lifestyle. Let us help you choose the green flooring option perfect for your home.


Express Flooring prides itself on delivering the best in-home sales shopping experience. We are an in-home sales company and we do not sell at our location.


Our professionally trained design consultants bring large flooring samples to the home of the customer. And we only use licensed contractors. We make installation easy so you don't have to shop around for the materials you need. There is also no need to worry about hiring independent contractors who can take a long time to do the work.


Call us anytime to schedule an in-home appointment and start making your home more beautiful right away! You may even qualify for a Vacation Voucher with the purchase of flooring and installation!

Frequently Asked Questions

All warranties regarding product defect(s) are predicated on a pro-rated basis. All products replaced will be on a pro-rated basis equally credited by the total amount of the contract price, divided by the length of the product warranty, to determine a yearly rate, which will be multiplied by the number of years the customer used the product to determine the usage value for offset purposes. Further, all product defects or replacements (of any type) after a 2 year period, the consumer will be solely responsible to pay for all labor costs.

Green Guard Certification ensures that the products don't contain harmful amounts of Volatile Organic Compounds and contaminate the air. So, this is a useful certification. The most popular brands that do sell Green guard flooring is Shaw floors, Armstrong, Mohawk flooring, Tarkett and so on.

Percentage off sales include product only. Doesn't include pad, materials, installation (unless it specifically stated that installation promotion is applied), or extras.

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