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Eco-friendly Tile Floors (Sustainable Tile Flooring)


A Sustainable Option from Factory to Floor

At Express Flooring, we work with our manufacturers to find the most eco-friendly flooring options available. In the past few years, many manufacturers have worked hard to develop new styles and colors to provide our environmentally conscious customers many beautiful eco-friendly options to choose from.

Tile is a sustainable flooring option by nature. Its durability and moisture resistance make it a long-lasting option—when properly maintained, tile can last a very long time. Plus, because tile is made with natural ingredients including clay, glass, and various stones, no volatile chemicals are added during production. Also, many manufacturers use recycled tile to create their products.

The most eco-friendly benefit of tile is how easy it is to replace. Because tiles are installed piece by piece, if one breaks, it’s easy to replace that single specific piece without uprooting large pieces of flooring to fix the problem. When treated right, tile is a sustainable flooring option that’s designed to last.