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Express Flooring and Masland Carpet, a Quality Team


Why Masland Carpet

Since its founding in 1866, Masland has maintained the highest possible quality in all its carpets and rugs. With over a million square feet of manufacturing and distribution plants, the company is recognized in the flooring industry as a styling leader. That makes it a natural choice for Express Flooring, because we want to bring our customers products that combine originality and enduring beauty with innovative construction and color creation, all of which you’ll find in Masland carpets.

Environmental Sensitivity

Masland is a member of the Dixie Group, a company that markets high-end broadloom carpets and rugs to homeowners and businesses. Just like Express Flooring, the Dixie Group is committed to protecting our planet and its environment. Masland pursues this goal in a variety of ways, including:
  • Choosing environmentally friendly components for its carpeting and other flooring products
  • Embracing sustainable choices and efficiency in using raw materials
  • Eliminating waste from its manufacturing process
  • Recycling scrap metal, cardboard, plastic and carpet fibers
  • Participating in green energy initiatives
  • Meeting Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) qualifications

Carpet Ideas From Masland

Along with concerted efforts to protect the environment, Masland also focuses on making exquisite carpets and rugs. Since Express Flooring wants to maintain our position as one of the top flooring stores in Arizona, we carry several types of Masland carpet. Talk to one of our design experts about:
  • Fine wool runners and carpets
  • Broadloom carpet options including commercial and PetProtect
  • Nylon carpets that come in numerous colors and designs