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Express Flooring’s Dream Weaver Carpet

When you invest in new carpeting, you want something that will last. Whether your home or business is putting the greatest emphasis on comfort, durability, high quality or innovation, Dream Weaver ticks all the boxes. That fits perfectly with our mission at Express Flooring, which is to offer you the best possible choices.

What Dream Weaver Offers

Carrying dozens of styles, colors, and textures, Dream Weaver offers a range of innovative options. Thanks to their proprietary technology, their carpets are made to last, providing customers with the most beautiful, durable, and eco-friendly selections possible.

Dream Weaver Carpet’s PureColor® solution-dyed fiber is superior to traditional options, in that it doesn’t fade due to harsh sunlight, doesn’t bleach during spot cleaning, resists stains, and also has built-in soil resistance. You can choose from a wide range of PureColor styles including polyester, soft polyester, nylon, and soft solution nylon.

Benefits of Dream Weaver Carpet

Of course, the company’s commitment to quality is key. However, their unique technology is just the beginning. In addition to superior quality, other advantages include:
  • Dream Weaver is an eco-friendly company. Although their carpet is of the highest quality, their impact on the environment is minimal. Using 30 percent less energy, 87 percent less water, and producing 42 percent fewer greenhouse emissions, Dream Weaver makes cleaner, more environmentally responsible carpet.
  • Carpet includes PureBac™. Offering flexibility and stability, this unique backing material contains no latex. Easy to install, it’s breathable yet protective.
  • A lifetime warranty. Dream Weaver carpet is made with extra protection in mind, and will not become permanently stained by pet accidents. Even so, when installed and cared for correctly, damaged carpet will be replaced under their pet warranty.