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Features and Benefits of Carpet

There are many benefits to choosing carpet for your home. From comfort and beauty to reducing slips and noise, take the time to learn about all that carpet floors have to offer.

Warmth and Comfort

Express Flooring carpeting is warm, quiet, cushy, and cozy. Whether it’s in a home or business, walking into a carpeted room gives people a welcomed feel. Plus, carpet provides thermal resistance: In colder seasons it retains warm air longer, giving a warm underfoot feel as well as conserving energy.

Minimizes Slips and Falls

Carpet flooring reduces falls and slips, which is especially important for children, pets, and older loved ones. The cushioning properties of carpet are ideal for softening our footsteps and diminishing injury even if falls do occur. Carpet is an excellent material for spaces that will be walked through frequently. Plus, carpet can help prevent joint injuries and improve orthopedic troubles.

Mute Noise

If you’ve ever been in a space with all hard surfaces, you’ve likely experienced an echo. This isn’t an issue in rooms that have carpeted surfaces. That’s because the fibers of carpet floors absorb sound readily. If you have kids, pets, or family members who tend to make a lot of noise, carpet will help mute the noise and create a peaceful environment.