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Fire Damage Restoration Services

Fire causes devastating damage to your property and stalls all your important schedules. Experiencing a fire in your home, or office can be chaotic as it ruins all your precious memories and important documents. Smoke and soot emitted from the fire imprints itself on all objects of your home, or office.

Smoke debris contains acid that damage the flooring surfaces and cause permanent stains on them. During the fire high pressure smoke and soot, penetrate through the cracks and splits of the building and cause pungent smells. It is necessary to call professional to get the area thoroughly cleaned as smoke smells are very dangerous if inhaled.
  • Express Flooring provides ace quality fire damage restoration services to bring back the radiance of your business organization.
  • Our trained technicians will first evaluate the extent of the damage and then restore the damaged area by taking into consideration minute details to bring back your office to its original shine.
  • Excessive burning, due to fire accidents can damage the flooring and lead to spread of toxic fumes and smoke all over your office. So it is ideal to get the smoke smell and small cinders removed through trained professionals like Express Flooring.
  • We use recognized chemical agents to protect the luster and glow of your flooring material like carpet, tile, vinyl, laminate and hardwood.
  • We make sure to accommodate our cleaning services in sync with your office timings to avoid any sort of inconvenience to you.
  • We provide on time services to suit your requirements and budget.
  • We ensure you faultless and effective cleaning services with accredited cleaning gadgets, at prices that suit your budget.
  • We make sure all our technicians undergo a thorough drug and background check.
  • Express flooring has competent cleaning technicians, trained to provide proficient fire damage restoration services.