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Floor Restoration Services in Arizona

Needing to restore a floor is never a fun or easy task. Thankfully, Express Flooring is here to help. Express Flooring offers professional floor restoration services that always are tailored around customer satisfaction.

Our floor restoration services include:

Flood Damage Restoration Services
Water can cause serious damage to flooring if not cleaned thoroughly and professionally. Water is a carrier for many bacteria and viruses that are not visible to the eye and cause serious ailments. We restore your home or commercial space with the utmost care. Water damage restoration consists of two basic steps. Loss assessment enables our specialists to determine the source and extent of damage and evaluation. We restore by drying, sanitizing and deodorizing the damaged area.

Fire Damage Restoration Services
Express Flooring delivers exceptional fire damage restoration services to help bring your home or business space back to life. We do our absolute best to preserve and restore the quality of your tile, carpet, laminate, vinyl or hardwood flooring. Fire damage restoration services for flooring can be tricky. Our experience with floors makes us uniquely qualified to help.

Express Flooring uses certified chemical agents to protect the texture and shine of your flooring, be it carpet, tile, vinyl, laminate or hardwood. We provide dependable services that fit within your budget.

If you need help restoring floors, don’t forget to reach out to Arizona’s preeminent flooring experts — Express Flooring.