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Congoleum Flooring
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With High-Tech Congoleum Flooring, You'll Always Stand on Greatness

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As a homeowner, there are certain things you probably want from your home. Would you like it to be as beautiful as possible? Are you interested in maximum comfort? Do you want your home maintenance to be simple?

Well, Congoleum vinyl flooring, which is part synthetic and part natural, can help you attain all of those qualities and more.

Strength and Safety

Let's examine, one by one, some of the many Congoleum-tastic benefits.

First of all, Congoleum is the only USA flooring manufacturer that produces solely resilient flooring. Naturally, this kind of floor resists water damage, scratching and stains. In part, that's because it has a special protective layer on its surface.

In addition, the synthetic elements of Congoleum vinyl flooring are extremely strong. These polymers are the results of advanced design and engineering techniques as well as cutting-edge manufacturing processes.

Happily, this kind of flooring is really easy to take care of. To clean it, all you have to do is grab your mop and give your floor a quick soaking and drying. A moment or two later, it'll be good as new and sparkling to boot.

Indeed, when you examine a Congoleum floor at close range, you'll see a totally smooth surface. You won't be able to spot any holes or cracks, even if you whip out a magnifying glass.

What does that mean? It means that tiny specks of dust, dirt and other harmful particles won't get trapped inside your floor. Your living spaces will be more livable -- more hygienic and safer for your whole family.

This material is also safe as it lacks phthalates. These chemicals are in many plastics, and scientists believe that they may have toxic effects on human beings. Don't the people in your home deserve a phthalate-free life?

Comfort and Beauty

Above all, Congoleum vinyl flooring looks and feels terrific. And these floors are highly versatile. They're appealing inside rustic and old-fashioned residences, and they're just as fantastic inside modern homes. They don't just blend in well; they also enhance their surroundings in subtle but profound ways.

You can feel free to install such a floor in just about any room of your home. Your kitchen, your bedroom, your bathroom, your den -- their decor could all be improved by some sweet Congoleum. In fact, with this type of flooring, a dreary basement could easily transform into a welcoming playroom or a fabulous man cave or woman cave.

Plus, when you wander barefoot and half-asleep into the kitchen for a tasty midnight snack, you'll appreciate that this type of flooring always stays warm and toasty. Your feet will thank you again and again.

That's not all. Congoleum floors have bases that are made of cork. Those bases are able to absorb and muffle all kinds of sounds, which makes a quieter environment for reading and relaxing. Indeed, Congoleum meets all of the standards for sound dampening that the ASTM has set.

When you go for Congoleum flooring, you can actually express your personality and sense of style through your flooring. That's because this material comes in so many different options. There are expensive versions and affordable selections. There are tiles, sheets and more. And, of course, a wide range of patterns and colors are yours for the choosing.

The Triversa Collection, for example, offers sound dampening. You can bring the natural beauty of hardwood and even exotic hardwood to any room in your home – even in high moisture areas like baths and basements because these floors are 100% waterproof. The “Clic format” works with no adhesives required. You can also select glue-down format.

Installing Your New Congoleum Floor

Be aware that it's crucial for this kind of flooring to be put in correctly. And it's an exacting and often frustrating process. If any mistakes are made, even teeny ones, your floor will not come out right. For that reason alone, it makes sense to hire reputable professionals to install your precious Congoleum.

Yes, flooring authorities, like those who work at Express Flooring, can make this process absurdly easy for you. They can give you a free quote, and they'll bring samples to show you how various colors and patterns will look in your home. You won't have to go from store to store, hunting for just the right flooring.

Further, Express Flooring's pros will handle all the measuring, and they'll obtain the exact quantity of flooring necessary for your residence. Naturally, they'll have all the necessary tools at their disposal. They'll also put together a specific and accurate work schedule before starting.

These experts can help you tear out your current flooring, too. And they'll move furniture out of the way before they begin and back into place when they're finished.

In short, the entire vinyl installation will be quick, precise and effective. As soon as possible, you'll be able to relish your brand new Congoleum floor. In the interim, you can sit back and enjoy all of the time you'd otherwise be on your hands and knees, sweating and straining to put in your floor.

Congoleum flooring is sometimes referred to as "luxury vinyl," and it's not hard to see why. If it's installed properly, it can turn any room into a cozier, homier space. These gorgeous floors are ideal for hosting parties, playing board games with your kids, and cuddling up with your dog, your significant other or both. To schedule an in-home appointment, please feel free to contact Express Flooring at any time.

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