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Professional Masland floor brands
Professional Masland floor brands

Professional Masland Carpets for Luxury and Style

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Whether you're remodeling your home, buying a new one, or just want to update your look - carpeting is a choice that has been popular for decades. When showcasing your home with the ultimate aesthetic, professional Masland carpets are the brand to choose for luxury and style.

Kid-friendly Masland Carpets

Masland Carpets and Its Importance

Choosing the right carpet is sometimes difficult. How do you know which is best or what looks pretty but still has excellent construction? What makes Masland different is its quality materials and stunning designs. Masland carpet comes in natural wool and luxurious nylon.

The reason why Masland carpet is important and relevant today is that while they've been in business since 1886, the quality and attention to craftsmanship has never wavered.

The Designs of Masland Carpet

If you're looking for something out of the ordinary, Masland carpet is the way to go. With styles like Florentine and Alexia - there are so many options. And those are just the wool carpet offerings.

Masland's nylon carpet has a variety of styles and colors too. For instance, the Woodlands style has a selection of 28 colors! Masland carpet designs are immense, so there is something for every aesthetic.

Professional Masland Carpet With Florentine And Alexia Styles

Benefits of Masland Carpet

The benefits are many when it comes to Masland carpet. For example, their new selection of Trinity wool carpeting is a combination of three colored wool yarns. This combination creates an innovative design that has a stria, multi-colored effect. This all enhances the natural color and creates a stunning look.

Wool carpet is considered the best. Here are just a few things it does for those who choose it for their home:

  • Manages humidity. Wool absorbs indoor moisture better than manmade carpeting.
  • Balances noise. Wool carpet absorbs sound for a more pleasant atmosphere and also dampens impact noise.
  • Purifies the environment. Wool helps remove Nitrogen dioxide (NO2), sulfur dioxide (SO2) and formaldehyde (HCOH)- all of which cause distress.
  • Provides better fire protection. Wool carpets also require more energy to ignite, and they demonstrate a lower smoke emission compared to man-made carpets.
  • It's animal-friendly. Sheep have 5 freedoms - freedom from hunger or thirst, freedom to display normal patterns of behavior, freedom from inadequate shelter or discomfort, freedom from unnecessary duress or pain, and freedom from significant injury or disease.
  • Helps create wellness. Wool uses natural materials such as wool, wood, glass, metal, and clay. These are proven to benefit by decreasing stress, enhancing creativity, accelerate recovery, and increase productivity. It also helps prevent common issues like headaches and allergies.

With Masland's nylon carpet, their new Belmond series is unique as well. According to Masland:

Belmond has faint striations that are randomly linear and reminiscent of natural handspun yarns. This beautiful multi-level loop product features 24 rich tones with a variety of neutral shades to ensure a palette that is as soothing as the product it enhances.

The nylon carpet has Stainmaster Luxerell fiber, and these features mean that it's both soft and fights stains.

Stainmaster Luxerell Fiber

Masland even has carpet that is pet-friendly. For example, the Preferred Style Extraordinary is available with the Stainmaster Pet Protect system. It is stain resistant, soil resistant, and has warranties on texture, abrasion, and an antistatic warranty. On top of all that, it comes in 15 color variations.

Why Buy Masland Carpets from Express Flooring

At Express Flooring, we're not only family owned, but we're an in-home sales company. This means that we bring the store to you. We provide samples of our carpets (and other types of flooring) and our design specialists help you choose the perfect style for your needs.

In many cases, we have next-day installation once your flooring is in stock. And we move everything for you and put it back.

If you're ready to change the look of your home with professional Masland carpet, contact us so we can help.

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