Vinyl plan that has a light wood look from Express Flooring.

Why Shaw Vinyl Flooring

Shaw Flooring, which debuted as the Star Dye Company in 1946, now employs more than 22,300 people around the world. Throughout its history, the company’s attention to high quality and rich detail has allowed it to steadily attract new customers. Because of this rapid expansion and dedication to excellence, Shaw Flooring is an ideal business partner for Express Flooring.

Our impressive collection of Shaw vinyl flooring reflects the company’s commitment to creating top quality products. While many stores around Arizona carry Shaw flooring, none of them offer the exceptional services that buyers get from Express Flooring.

Flooring Ideas from Shaw
Considering how much experience Shaw Floors has with different flooring products, it makes sense for homeowners to use the company as a source for new flooring ideas. People don’t have to settle for drab floors when they have access to Express Flooring’s wide range of Shaw products.

Shaw Floors curates a style board with numerous ideas, such as how to decorate for the upcoming season, how to choose colors for a room, and using area rugs to create decorative accents.

The company’s website also has a lengthy selection of posts dedicated to inspiring customers. The inspiration trends section includes information on recent color trends, upcoming home decor trends and contemporary design ideas that will remain in style for years.

Shaw Floors Advantages
Shaw presents the finest collection of luxurious vinyl options, with more designs ideally suited for your residence and the commercial sector. Because Express Flooring carries more than a million feet of in-stock flooring, you can count on finding exactly the right Shaw vinyl flooring that looks attractive enough for offices, dining rooms, and other high-traffic areas.

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