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Hardwood FAQs

Hardwood FAQs

Engineered hardwood has gained traction for good reason, seamlessly marrying the timeless charm of hardwood with modern practicality. If you're wondering why more and more homeowners are opting for engineered hardwood, you're in the right place. This flooring solution combines the classic aesthetic of hardwood with added durability, thanks to its layered construction. It's resistant to moisture and temperature fluctuations, making it a reliable choice for various spaces in your home. 

Engineered hardwood is not just visually appealing but also a budget-friendly alternative to solid hardwood. If you'd like more information related to engineered hardwood and why it has become a favorite among homeowners seeking a durable, stylish, and wallet-friendly flooring solution for their living spaces, please contact us to schedule a free in-home consultation!

Express Flooring has a wide range of engineered hardwood options to choose from. 

We have species ranging from Maple to Birch, to Hickory and beyond. 

Yes, our Design Consultants bring samples of the actual product right to your home. 

Express Flooring offers engineered hardwood flooring, which provides better stability, less negative environmental impact, almost infinite design options, and provides budget friendly options. 

Express Flooring’s Design Consultants are available to help educate you on the styles, materials and colors that are available and will guide you through deciding what is best for your home, your family, and your budget. 

Solid hardwood is attractive but requires exhaustive maintenance such as sanding, refinishing, it’s also very costly. Engineered hardwood comes prefinished from the factory, includes additional wear layers applied, and is more stable in environments with changing temperatures and humidity. Engineered Hardwood gives you the identical look and feel of Hardwood with none of the drawbacks or additional cost. 

As with all flooring options, engineered hardwoods have subfloor requirements specified by the manufacturer. Our trained installation teams are able to handle even the most challenging of situations to give you a superior finished product. 

Yes, each product carries warranties from the manufacturer, which Express Flooring extends free of charge. Express Flooring also offers our Lifetime Installation Warranty. 

Hardwood floors will provide a lifetime of style and durability when properly cared for. 

Microfiber dust mops and vacuum attachments designed for hard surface floors are generally all that are needed for routine cleaning. Water, cleaning solutions, and wet mopping are never recommended for hardwood flooring. 

Engineered hardwood is inherently eco-friendly as the engineered core uses less tree per plank than solid hardwood options. 

Unlike other flooring companies, Express keeps flooring inventory on hand. Not only does this allow us to offer our customers extremely competitive prices by purchasing materials in bulk, but in most cases, we can install a flooring project the very next day. No lead times! 

Our expert craftsmen have seen it all! Most installations are a breeze, but in some cases subfloor issues or mold issues can arise unexpectedly. In the rare case something like this is discovered, our team will work with you to solve the problem and get the job done correctly. We never take shortcuts and require that each installation lives up to our standards… after all, we offer a lifetime installation warranty. 

Absolutely! Some rooms have different aesthetics, can be heavier traffic areas, or could require water resistance. Our catalog of engineered hardwood can accommodate almost any home. 

Express Flooring prides itself on our ability to make your flooring project as easy as possible. No need to pay movers or do any back breaking work on your own. Our team will move your furniture and put it back after the installation is complete. Best part… it’s all free!