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Hardwood Flooring from Regal

Because Express Flooring believes in offering our customers every possible option when it comes to superior flooring, it’s only natural that we’ve partnered with Regal Hardwoods. Regal’s skilled craftsmen, with three working on each plank, use their specific tools to authentically hand scrape every single plank.

The result is a unique look that simply isn’t possible with machine-scraped wood or vinyl floors. Since every Regal wood flooring plank is created in accordance with its own natural length, generally around 7 feet, the effect is less busy and more genuinely random. You won’t see the same pattern repeated throughout your home or office. Joints are spaced out rather than placed symmetrically, creating the look of a hardwood floor drawn directly from nature itself.

Quality Engineered Wood Flooring
For all Regal hardwood flooring, the goal is quality that will last for decades. That’s why the company uses advanced technology in manufacturing its engineered hardwood flooring, forming a sturdy core by cross-linking multiple layers of hardwood birch. The many layers deliver a mesh for more split resistance and stability than you’d find in other solid wood floors.

Using only hardwood cores helps prevent denting, and also offers better control over the natural tendency of wood to expand and contract.

Caring for the Environment
Preserving the ecological wonder of our planet is a key value for both Express Flooring and Regal Hardwoods. Certified by the FSC, Regal wood flooring comes exclusively from forests that are managed responsibly with the goal of environmental sustainment. For every tree that’s harvested, another three trees are planted to keep the forest healthy.