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Hardwood Flooring Installation

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Hardwood Installation

Get your rooms professionally measured Hardwood Installation

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Do you want to install your Hardwood flooring on your own?

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Hardwood flooring has become one of the most popular options for American households. Hardwood flooring has qualities that can benefit you in several ways. You'll need reliable hardwood installation, though, to make sure you get all of the benefits.

Express Flooring works with experienced contractors so you get the installation services that you need.

How it works?

It is a seamless experience when it comes to hardwood installation by Express Flooring. First of all, we help you choose the right Hardwood for your needs. There are many types of hardwood, looks, styles, colors, and brands; in fact, it can be overwhelming at times. But with help from experienced decorators, you have the ability to make an educated decision.

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Hardwood Flooring Installation

No other type of flooring material surpasses the beauty and elegance of hardwood flooring. With its luscious grain and warm, inviting colors and textures, hardwood flooring represents the epitome of taste and can transform any room into a showplace.


While hardwood flooring may sound expensive, it can be surprisingly affordable; but the biggest misconceptions have to do with hardwood flooring installation rather than cost. All too often, homeowners think that hardwood flooring can be installed just like vinyl flooring, tile flooring or carpet flooring; but it actually requires a high level of expertise. Here's a look at the advantages of hardwood flooring, how it's installed, and why it's essential to purchase your hardwood flooring from a retailer that provides professional installation services.


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Why Choose a Hardwood Floor?

What is Hardwood Flooring?

Hardwood flooring is made of wood that's been harvested from specific tree varieties. These different wood species provide durable, dense hardwoods that lend themselves to high quality, long lasting flooring. The wood is sawn into planks, which are then processed into three basic types of wood flooring.

Types of Hardwood Flooring

Types of Hardwood Flooring
Solid Wood Flooring

A solid wood floor, which is the most expensive type, consists of wood planks cut from hardwood logs that retain their tongue and groove edges. Hardwood floors are often varnished to complement the grain, but you can also purchase unfinished flooring that shows the natural beauty of the wood.

Engineered Wood Flooring

An engineered wood floor consists of a plywood core with a thin hardwood veneer glued on top. This offers the look of solid wood flooring, but at a fraction of the price.

Acrylic Impregnated Wood Flooring

This type of wood flooring is infused with liquid acrylic that gives extra support. Acrylic impregnated wood flooring can be 300 percent more durable than natural wood.

Advantages of Hardwood Flooring

In addition to the beauty and value it adds to your home, hardwood flooring provides more durability than any other type of floor, including the most high-tech hardwood flooring. From an aesthetic point of view, hardwood flooring also acquires an attractive patina that grows richer through the years; plus, it never goes out of style (even though hardwood flooring trends might change), so you won't ever have to replace it for cosmetic reasons.

Tools and Materials Used in Hardwood Flooring Installation

Tools used in the hardwood installation

Here's a list of some of the tools needed for hardware flooring installation:

Hardwood Flooring Installation Process

Hardwood Installation Process

Here's a quick overview of some of the steps involved with installing prefinished hardwood floors or natural hardwood flooring.

  1. Prep work: This involves choosing the boards (and board widths), measuring the room, checking the concrete or wood subfloor for squeaks and irregularities, removing shoe-molding, removing cork flooring and other padding materials and cleaning the area thoroughly.

  2. Applying vapor barrier paper: This consists of tar paper or felt, which should be stapled to the floor with a four-inch overlap allowance.

  3. Installing hardwood baseboard and shoe flooring: This involves a number of steps, which include:

    • Drawing a chalk line (typically three-eighths of an inch from the wood baseboard)

    • Placing and aligning the boards

    • Drilling pilot holes into the boards, subfloor and joist

    • Face-nailing the boards

  4. Hand nailing: This involves drilling pilot holes in the tongue of each board. Next, you'll need to manually nail the boards, keeping enough clearance for stapling with the pneumatic nailer gun.

  5. Stapling the boards: This is done by using the pneumatic nail gun and a mallet to drive staples into the tongue of each board

  6. Cutting and trimming the baseboard to fit along the walls

  7. Filling in gaps: This includes making room for contraction and expansion gaps. Once the floor is installed, you'll need to fill all of the nail holes with wood putty.

Why Hardwood Flooring Installation Should Be Done by Professionals

No matter how many DIY guides and handy hardwood floor installation tips you find on the Internet, it's universally acknowledged in the construction industry that hardwood flooring installation requires a high level of skill and expertise. Here are a few reasons why it should only be done by expert professionals:

Where to Buy Hardwood Flooring

If you live in Arizona, Express Flooring offers more than a million feet of in-stock new flooring. Naturally, we don't bring every sample of every brand and every type of flooring to your door. The process is simple though. Just pick up the phone for a free in-home consultation, tell the customer representative the type of flooring you want and the color range, and Express Flooring will send over a professional flooring expert who can help you view samples from the comfort of your home. After you make your choice, we'll measure the area and then give you a complete (and affordable) floor sale and installation estimate that includes everything – we remove the existing flooring at no charge – There are no hidden or surprise fees so there's no sticker shock.

Once you schedule your installation (As soon as the next day – except on Sunday), you can sit back and leave everything to us. Express Flooring uses only the best licensed installation contractors, so you can be sure of a top-quality floor installation that will be done quickly, correctly and professionally.

Proper, professional hardwood flooring installation is the only way to protect your investment and optimize the beauty and longevity of your floor. If you're in or near Arizona, be sure to call Express Flooring to schedule your free, customized in-home consultation, and take the first step toward owning the hardwood flooring of your dreams.