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Hospital Flooring & Flooring for Health Care Centers

Flooring can be a tricky endeavor. Not all types of flooring are treated the same. For instance, flooring for a health care facility requires unique attention.

The broad term health care includes hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers, psychiatric treatment centers, and veterinary care centers. Extra care needs to be taken while choosing the flooring material to be installed in health care centers because patients’ safety and hygiene is given the highest importance. Warm colors often are selected to help the patient feel at home and enables in a speedy recovery.

Express Flooring extends its services to health care centers and hospitals to provide quality hospital flooring materials. Vinyl Flooring is an ideal choice as it can be installed in procedure rooms, corridors, reception areas and examination rooms. Some health care centers even take an interest in choosing the pattern and color of the flooring material.

Vinyl flooring comes in various patterns, designs, and colors that can offer the look and feel of natural materials like wood, stone, and tile. Vinyl is extremely sturdy, durable and, if maintained with care, will retain its quality for many years. It also is safe, as it has an anti-skid surface which is ideal in health centers that have high foot traffic. Our flooring can also be easily cleaned and preserved to ensure the hygiene and safety of your patients.

Express Flooring has an exclusive selection of flooring materials, along with proficient staff members to assist you in selecting the ideal floor to suit your requisites and budget. We offer flooring from all brands that make your health care center a safe and hygienic place, and we bring samples to your health care center, making it easier for you to select from a huge collection at a great price.