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How to buy carpet

Flooring isn’t made to look good in the store, it’s made to look good in your home. So why would you buy it before seeing it that way? Express Flooring eliminates the hassle, anxiety, and frustration from the entire process. This ensures that every customer is ultimately satisfied with their selection and purchase, all the way through installation.

See it in your home

With carpet flooring, color matters. Many carpet’s undertones or secondary colors will become more prominent depending on the lighting, paint, or décor of the room they’re in. In particular, the lighting in your home can make a small detail into a big deal. To make sure the color is best suited for your style, you should see many different carpet options in comfort of your own home before you make a selection.

Make the decision together

One of our slogans here at Express is that we are “The Happy Home People”. We’ve been doing this a long time, with tens of thousands of happy and satisfied customers…and we’ve found that the absolute best decision for selecting carpet is made when everyone effected by the decision is involved. Buying flooring for your home IS A BIG DEAL…and hopefully, a decision that you make only a few times in your lifetime. So, why not let everyone—spouses, children, parents, and even pets—play a role in the selection process with our convenient appointment times? Our Design Consultant would love to meet with everyone who will be enjoying the new flooring.

Work with a flooring expert

Things like padding can dramatically affect the quality of the finished product. But did you know that in some cases, thicker or more expensive padding can actually DECREASE the life of the carpet? It costs you more and you’ll have to replace it sooner. Talking with an expert can help you navigate these waters and get the best product for your floors. Our Design Consultants will take all the time that you require to review options best suited for both your style and your lifestyle. They will walk you through an experience that will undoubtedly result in you selecting the perfect choice that is optimized for your home…and your budget.

Know your product

Pet-friendly, stain resistant, hypoallergenic, eco-friendly. These are all great features of carpet, but do you know which one will be most beneficial for your space? Work with an expert who can get you the right product for your home while still working to get you the best possible price on your flooring.

Consider inventory

Make sure you are working with a company that has access to multiple manufacturers with a significant selection of inventory and samples. Find a provider that has long-standing and local working relationships with their manufacturers, because that generally means you will have access to better deals when they become available. Flooring stores that negotiate prices less frequently won’t get the deals when the manufacturer is motivated to sell and can’t offer the best discounts on their products. And at Express Flooring you will never be dealing with “liquidated” products or low-quality seconds. What might seem like a great deal now is only asking for headaches, anxiety, and frustration later.

Consider inventory (again)

Carpet is big, heavy, and takes up a lot of space, so many companies that provide flooring don’t like to keep it around. Instead, they prefer to order it when you order it which can cause significant delays between your purchase and the installation. This can mean weeks, sometimes even months before it’s ready to install in your home. Make sure to find a provider that has a wide selection of inventory readily available locally. Any good vendor will have your product in a local warehouse, ready to install the next day. Express Flooring has a local 40,000-square-foot warehouse which is continuously packed to the rafters with the latest carpet styles and colors from all the most recognizable manufacturers in our industry, ready to install today!