Pet friendly flooring

Pet Friendly Flooring

Different flooring options are great choices for your pets for different reasons. Whether you’re in the market for a soft choice like carpet, or a hard flooring option like vinyl, Express Flooring has many different pet-friendly flooring styles that will look great in your home or office. Take the time to understand the benefits behind each type of flooring to see what makes them a smart choice for your furry little family member.


Many types of modern carpeting are pet stain resistant, water resistant, dirt and soil resistant, and hypoallergenic. With its softness, warmth, and traction, carpet offers the most overall comfort for your pets to play and rest on.

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Of all the hard flooring options, vinyl is considered the most comfortable for four-legged friends. Vinyl is softer than hardwood and tile, and most types have a slip resistant coating that will help your pets keep their balance as they play.

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With a water-resistant seal, many types of hardwood or engineered wood flooring options become great choices for consumers with pets. Another consideration for savvy pet owners is to look for hardwood flooring that also offers scratch resistance.

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Tile is a durable and highly scratch resistant option that will stand up the wear and tear of owning a pet. Because tile absorbs the cool air from air-conditioning well, it will maintain a cool touch throughout the hot summer months, which your pet will love.

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