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How to buy tile

Flooring isn’t made to look good in the store, it’s made to look good in your home. So why would you buy it before seeing it that way? Express Flooring eliminates the hassle, anxiety, and frustration from the entire process. This ensures that every customer is ultimately satisfied with their selection and purchase, all the way through installation.

Professional insight

Having a trained Design Consultant is absolutely critical to support you in determining what type of flooring will match your homes style and your family’s lifestyle. A highly skilled professional who knows flooring and the benefits to each type will be best to guide you in the right direction while you make your decision. This service should be provided by any reputable provider FREE OF CHARGE AND OBLIGATION.

See choices in your home

Before you choose your new tile, it’s absolutely best to see options in your home to make sure the design you select fits in with the layout of your home. Don’t forget to consider stairs, hallways, and traffic patterns when choosing new tile floors.

Know your true cost

Your actual cost is always more than just the material cost. Get a complete and accurate estimate for your tile flooring that includes all repairs to your home, underlayment, removal, etc. All potential issues should be uncovered up front, so there won’t be any hidden costs or unknown extras that pop up on installation day. Also, don’t be fooled by ridiculously low prices on materials offered by “liquidation” stores. These materials are often seconds, lower quality, or the end of their inventory. If they don’t perform…or you need more…you more than likely will be out of luck.

More manufactures, more savings

Express Flooring partners with all of the major manufacturers in the tile business. This ensures that we have access to every possible tile product imaginable. Manufacturers do play favorites—they give better deals to their biggest customers. Express Flooring is the largest flooring provider in the areas of Arizona, Texas, Las Vegas, & New Mexico. Box stores and smaller shops don’t have the local relationships or buying power to get the same discounts as Express Flooring. We obtain our flooring with the highest discounts so the savings can be passed on to you.

Avoid a mess

Most estimates include demo of your old floor, but not all include hauling and disposal. Are they taking your old floors to the curb or to a proper disposal site? You shouldn’t have to stress about cleanup before or after installation. Ask and verify that cleaning will be handled as it is with every installation at Express Flooring.