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How to buy vinyl


Trust a professional

Luxury vinyl and vinyl plank have come a long way in just a few short years. To find the best choice for your space, work with a professional who is experienced in installed and selling various types of vinyl. They’ll know the product better than anybody and you can trust them to help you make a smart decision.

See it in your home

The finish of your vinyl and its underlying color tone might look different in your home than in the showroom. Some stores will allow you to take a sample board home, but you’ll typically have to do it one sample at a time. Others will sell you a plank or two for you to take home which is better than viewing in a showroom, but still not optimal. Work with a pro who will bring a multitude of samples to your home for free, because that’s how it should be.

Explore your options

Many people are turning to vinyl plank as a lower-cost alternative to hardwood. Did you know there are also vinyl options that are made to simulate other materials like stone and tile? Work with a knowledgeable expert to make sure the materials you are getting are appropriate for your space.

Make the decision together

One of our slogans here at Express is that we are “The Happy Home People.” We’ve been doing this a long time, with tens of thousands of happy and satisfied customers…and we’ve found that the absolute best decision for vinyl flooring is made when everyone effected by the decision is involved. Buying flooring for your home IS A BIG DEAL…and hopefully, a decision that you make only a few times in your lifetime. So, why not let everyone—spouses, children, parents, and even pets—play a role in the selection process with our convenient appointment times? Our Design Consultant would love to meet with everyone who will be enjoying the new vinyl flooring.

Know what to look for

Not all vinyl is the same. Vinyl from different manufacturers (or different product lines) may have different thicknesses of the top coat. An Express Flooring Design Consultant will insure that you make the selection that is not only right for your style…but your lifestyle as well.