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Laminate FAQs

Laminate FAQs

Laminate flooring has earned its place in homes across the globe for several compelling reasons. First and foremost, it offers an economical alternative to natural materials, allowing homeowners to achieve the look of hardwood without breaking the bank. Its resilience to everyday wear and tear, including scratches and stains, makes it an ideal choice for busy households, ensuring longevity and minimizing maintenance efforts.

Laminate flooring is crafted through a multi-layered construction that combines various materials to achieve durability and aesthetic appeal. A high performance core, provides stability and strength. A realistic high-resolution image layer is then applied atop this core, mimicking the look of natural hardwood. This image layer is protected by a transparent wear layer, which guards against scratches, stains, and fading. The final layer is the backing, enhancing the flooring's stability and moisture resistance. Through this meticulous layering process, laminate flooring achieves a balance of cost-effectiveness, visual authenticity, and resilience, making it a popular and practical choice for homeowners. 

Laminate flooring offers the beauty of natural wood with advanced stability and durability found only in manmade products. 

Express Flooring offers many varieties of wood-look laminate flooring from rustic, to traditional, to modern.  

We thought you’d never ask! Laminate has a beautiful aesthetic, and we enjoy showing the wide variety of options to homeowners. Schedule a free design consultation and one of our design consultants will bring samples to your home, so you can see what the actual flooring will look like in your home, with your lighting, and your décor. 

Laminate flooring can range from extremely budget friendly to higher end. Express has so many options, that price per square foot would mean nothing. We also give complete estimates that include underlayment, installations etc… When we give homeowners an estimate, it’s for the entire project, so you know exactly what the cost is for the flooring you love. 

Express Flooring offers special promotions throughout the year, but we always offer Free Furniture Moving, Free Lifetime Installation Warranty 

Express Flooring is known for a few things, but our Free In-Home Design Consultations are the most well known of them all. There’s no reason to brave traffic, only to view samples at a crowded store under fluorescent lighting. Our Design Consultants are flooring professionals, who will bring samples to your home, take all measurements, and give you a complete estimate for the entire project. 

Laminate is generally a click plank, so installation needs to be precise, but shouldn’t take a very long time if preparation is done correctly. Laminate requires the right type of equipment to ensure a solid and secure installation. 

A dry microfiber mop with gentle mist of hard surface cleaner is the best way to clean and maintain laminate flooring. Some of our laminate floors are so advanced they come with a wet mop warranty. 

Like most products, laminate’s lifespan depends on how heavy the room traffic is, if the flooring is cleaned properly, and which product you choose. Our Design Consultants are available to help you choose the right laminate for each room and will explain how to preserve the longevity of your laminate floors in accordance with your lifestyle. 

Yes! Express will remove and haul away any old flooring materials. 

Our professional installation teams are trained to inspect your subfloors to ensure your floors are properly prepared per manufacturer’s instructions prior to installing your new floors. 

Express Flooring has many laminate options to choose from. Many of these offer water resistance, and some even come rated for areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. Your Design Consultant will be able to help you choose the right option for each setting. 

Each product will come with its own requirements for underlayment or vapor barriers. Express Flooring’s team of professionals will ensure your floors are installed within manufacturer’s requirements and industry guidelines. 

Express Flooring’s professional installation teams are trained and able to install our laminate flooring on stairs with no problem.